Progesterone and hCG numerical value how many just normal, progesterone is low really want to protect a fetus? Don’t worry about it

Many pregnant mothers know that they need to go to the hospital for blood test after pregnancy, and there will be hCG and progesterone values in the data. However, some pregnant mothers do not know what the two are. < p > < p > at this time, Zhao Zhao was so scared that he couldn’t hear anything. After seeing her husband, she burst into tears, “the doctor said that progesterone was on the low side, and the child couldn’t keep it.”. < / P > < p > my husband looked at Zhaozhao in a daze, and just now he was in high spirits. How could he come out crying. Her husband thought he should ask the doctor himself, so he took the report to the clinic. However, the doctor said, “your wife’s condition is not so serious. Although the progesterone value is low, her gestational age is still small now. Go home and have more rest. Come back for a review one week later to see if the progesterone value can rise.” After returning home, Zhao Zhao called her mother-in-law and told them about the situation. The whole family began to panic and took turns to take care of Zhao Zhao, until the later inspection was qualified. HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin and a protein hormone secreted by placenta. Progesterone and hCG can be used to determine whether or not pregnancy and pregnancy cycle. Progesterone is usually measured in two units: ng / ml and nmol / L, and ng / ml × 3.12 = nmol / L. So when looking at the results report, be sure to see the progesterone unit. It takes 1.7-2 days to double the hCG level. The HCG value reaches the peak in the 8th to 10th week of pregnancy, and then decreases to 10% of the peak after 1-2 weeks. < p > < p > in fact, the progesterone value during pregnancy is constantly changing, and the low progesterone value ≠ to protect the fetus. The level of progesterone in the first trimester of pregnancy fluctuated greatly. < / P > < p > at the 6th to 10th week of pregnancy, there is a plateau period, in which there will be a physiological decline and recovery process in the 7th-9th week. Progesterone value and baby development, there is no direct and inevitable relationship. < / P > < p > when progesterone is low, it is necessary to observe the change of HCG value. As long as hCG is doubled, there is no need to worry too much, which indicates that the baby is developing well. < / P > < p > on the contrary, it indicates that the baby is not well developed. Supplement these daily to help hCG double. HCG and progesterone are mutually coordinated, and both are essential during pregnancy. < / P > < p > folic acid is an essential nutrient for baby development. You should start to eat folic acid when you plan to have a baby. Folic acid can not only effectively prevent baby deformity, but also improve and prevent maternal anemia. Many foods in our life contain folic acid, such as spinach, beet, animal liver, citrus, kiwi fruit, etc. Folic acid content is relatively high, such as horseshoe leaf, Artemisia annua bud, wild asparagus and so on. During pregnancy, we should eat more soy products, which contain nutrients that promote the secretion of progesterone. Estrogen can promote the synthesis of progesterone, which is conducive to the increase of progesterone value. < / P > < p > always observe the change of numerical value, there may be reversal and surprise. Even if the outcome is unsatisfactory, we should let it go. The survival of the fittest is good to some extent. 08/16/2020