“Psychological clinic” these decompression methods are not advisable

No matter what kind of career, men, women, young and old, everyone will face pressure. Some decompression methods, such as deep breathing, meditation, distraction and so on, have significant effects. However, some commonly used decompression methods have more disadvantages than advantages. They can not relieve the pressure, but also increase the pressure, which should be avoided as far as possible. < / P > < p > watching TV for a long time after a long and stressful day, should watching TV help you relax? This is not the case. Research shows that many people who are exhausted after work are more likely to have unfinished tasks and feel guilty and unable to relax. Watching TV will make them delay time, affect the completion of their work, but increase the psychological burden. Watching TV aimlessly for a long time is an escape from stress and social isolation, increasing stress levels and even increasing the risk of stress-related diseases, according to a study published in. < / P > < p > think it over and over, maybe you replay the conversation with your boss over and over in your mind, or you’re still haunted by the mistakes you made in your morning speech. This compulsive thinking is called “rumination”, which is not a bad thing in itself, but when a stressed idea leads to another idea or other negative thoughts, and so on, and no action is taken to solve the problem, problems will arise. When rumination becomes a negative self-evaluation, the pressure will increase. < / P > < p > ignoring pressure is different from paying too much attention to pressure. Some people will deceive themselves into ignoring pressure and feel that they will let their fate or ship to the bridge end naturally. In fact, when you feel “stressed”, it means that there are some things in your life that pose a threat to you. You need to face it, face it, analyze it and solve it. Turning a blind eye will only make the pressure accumulate. Talk to unreliable people can lead to serious negative consequences, especially if private conversations are spread, become gossip and generate more hostility, your interpersonal environment can put more pressure on you, according to a study published in. It’s normal to find someone to talk to when you are under pressure, but you can’t go to a doctor in a hurry. If you catch a person, you will pour out your bitterness. < / P > < p > coping with society alone does not have a high tolerance for “inner fragility”, so many people choose to bear pressure instead of exposing themselves “really tired” to others. People who face it alone often avoid interpersonal and social contact, but it is not conducive to digestion pressure to close oneself. Human beings are social animals. It’s very important to keep in touch with others, especially when you are under pressure. Although good sleep is beneficial to physical and mental recovery, spending too much time in bed will make people listless and slow down metabolism. In addition, lying in bed when there is pressure is not an effective rest. On the contrary, it increases the behavior of thinking wildly and delaying the completion of tasks, which makes the pressure greater. < / P > < p > overeating many people eat and drink to cope with stress. Although this can improve mood in a short period of time, it is harmful to health in the long run. When you eat comfort foods rich in fat and sugar, stress hormones rise, and these chemicals interfere with digestion and make you fat. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!