Puerpera choose to buy the “pit” of waiting for birth products, the first one didn’t expect, and the third one was a bit unjust

I’ve read a lot of articles recommending the essential products of the waiting for delivery package, and most of them have been listed in great detail. But Baoma, who had given birth to a baby, must have told

that many of them discussed with each other on social networks about the very chicken ribs of the waiting products they had bought. Some said they couldn’t use them at all, and they are still there.

many pregnant mothers prepare clothes, shoes, quilts, pillows, etc. for their babies before pregnancy. In order to let the baby sleep out a perfect head shape, early prepared a pillow for the baby.

the spine of the newborn is very fragile, and it is not suitable to put the neck high for a long time. If the time is too long, it will affect the development of the baby’s spine and brain.

if Baoma wants to use the shaping pillow for her child, she can wait until the baby is three months later to use it. No matter whether it is the sleeping head shape or helping the baby improve the sleep quality, then it can play a role in shaping the baby pillow.

when preparing the delivery bag, I believe that many people have recommended the moon cap and shoes to Baoma, and suggested that the lying in woman should be fully armed, so as not to let the wind and cold invade the mother’s fragile body.

but in fact, the choice and purchase of the moon cap and the moon shoes can be decided according to the season. In fact, there is no need for Baoma, who is in confinement in summer, to buy the moon cap and shoes. Baoma, who is afraid of catching cold, can protect her temples with a hair band.

moon shoes can also be replaced by slippers of the current season. There is no need to buy them specially. If you are afraid of cold feet, you can put on thick socks, which is more practical than the moon shoes.

pregnant mothers must have read many articles and recommended the benefits of knife paper to everyone. Doctors in the hospital also suggested that Baoma should use knife paper. But many Baoma said that they had a large bag of knife paper, none of which was used. Instead of using a lot of postpartum sanitary napkins and puerperal mats.

However, there is a disadvantage of postpartum sanitary napkins, that is, they may be airtight and may cause infection after long-term use. And the birth mattress for the cesarean section of Baoma, in fact, is a little inconvenient. Because of the pain of the knife edge, Baoma couldn’t turn over and change the mattress.

so the list of knife paper is still a bit unjust. Pregnant mothers who choose to have a natural birth can save less, and they can also give them to their babies if they can’t use them up. However, if they choose to have a caesarean section, they have to buy them in advance.

for pregnant women, it is not suitable to use wipes. Postpartum women are afraid of catching cold. If they use wipes at will, they will inevitably catch cold. Besides, if you use a wet towel, it’s better to use it after you dip it in hot water. For pregnant women, it is a completely unnecessary expenditure.

pregnant mothers should not take too many things when they are going to give birth. Some mothers will bring a few large suitcases when they are hospitalized. It not only increases the burden on the family, but also consumes physical strength.

it’s better for Baoma to go to the battle with light clothes, and prepare the necessary supplies and those that are not needed in a hurry. Baoma can wait until she gets home and then let her father buy them. Focus