Pull out your beard with your hands. It’s cool? The doctor tells you the consequences. Don’t pull it again after seeing it

Many male friends grow a beard because it looks more masculine. We can see on TV that many European and American male stars all have beards and look quite handsome. But now, if someone has a beard and doesn’t take care of it, it will be more untidy. The beard of a male friend is the same as that of a female friend. If you don’t take care of it, the whole person will be dirty and ugly, which will bring his temperament to the lowest point. So if you grow a beard, be sure to take care of it. < / P > < p > a lot of male friends always like to use it when they grow their beards. They not only feel that when they pull out their beards, they will have a sense of bondage, just like squeezing acne, but also think that if they pull out their beards, they will not grow out frequently, and the root of the hair follicles will not be too hard. But it’s dangerous. Listen to the doctor’s explanation today. < / P > < p > in fact, growing a beard for a male friend is not only a mature performance, but also can avoid skin spots around the long beard, which can effectively help keep the surrounding skin moist. Moreover, on the basis of that, the beard can also help people block the sun, just as his hair protects his head, so a beard is also good for people. < / P > < p > people have fine blood vessels on their faces, and random pulling of their beards can lead to the risk of wounds or inflammation or rotten faces. If you are pulling out your beard, the damaged hair follicles cause bleeding in the pulled out part, it may cause the vein bleeding to the face, so try not to pull it out. Many friends said that they had pulled out their beard for a long time without bleeding. There are also cases of bleeding after pulling the beard, but the probability is not too big, but the probability is not very large, which does not mean that it will not happen, so we should try not to pull out the beard. < p > < p > pulling a beard will not only cause bleeding, but also leave bacteria with room to drill. Male friends in the beard when often appear small wounds, if we do not pay attention to disinfection of the wound, this will cause wound infection. People also like to touch the chin with their hands. There are many bacteria on the fingers. If you touch the wound at this time, it will cause wound infection, which will cause folliculitis and other diseases, and even cause the hair follicles on the face to be damaged. This piece will not grow hair in the future. Therefore, in view of this situation, we must pay attention not to pull out the beard by hand. < / P > < p > People’s faces are close to the brain. If there is serious inflammation on the face, it will also have a certain impact on brain health. Especially pull and nostril close to the beard, if you accidentally hurt the nose hair follicle, can cause infection, indirectly affect the brain. Therefore, you must not pull out your beard. It will be more troublesome after the event. < / P > < p > pulling out the beard is harmful, which is not alarmist. We should pay attention to it at ordinary times. If you have a beard, you can use a razor to solve the problem. If a manual razor will cut your chin, you can use an electronic razor. This is safer and people’s beard can be easily shaved. Male friends will also become a lot cleaner. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not