Pumpkin and this thing cooked together, big belly no longer, women don’t want to face wrinkles, you can try

Pumpkin contains a certain amount of unsaturated fatty acid, unsaturated fatty acid can speed up the metabolism of body fat, and pumpkin water content is very high, eating can increase satiety, reduce the intake of other food, also has the role of reducing intake of calories, with the role of moistening the intestines and defecation, preventing constipation, which is very suitable for the friends who lose weight and lose weight. Pumpkin contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It can prevent rough skin, delay skin aging, prevent the growth of wrinkles, accelerate the repair of skin cells, and enhance the elasticity of skin. It is a beauty food for girls who love beauty. Scrambled eggs with pumpkin are rich in nutrition and delicious in taste. Eggs have the effect of skin care, beauty and brain protection. Eggs contain a lot of iron elements, which can make our skin ruddy, delicate and glossy, and prevent aging. Pumpkin and eggs cooked together, big belly no longer, women do not want to wrinkle, you can try. 20