Pure and lovely girl, fitness goddess Zhien! Show the waistcoat line! Do you want to have it?

What kind of body is good-looking for women? There is no unified standard, the traditional aesthetic view is to be thin for beauty, there is a saying that good women are no more than 100, that thin, slim body is the best. However, some people like to be plump, not bony, but fleshy. Some fat goddesses are also very popular. < p > < p > in fact, being fat or thin is not the decisive factor for a good figure. There are many indicators to refer to, such as waist hip ratio and height ratio. Beauty is not beautiful, look at the thighs, whether men or women, if the legs are short, the proportion of the body is not good, the figure must have no beauty. < / P > < p > indeed, leg shape is the key to a good figure. What kind of leg shape is good-looking? There is a saying that it is necessary to be slender and straight. It is necessary to be slender and straight at the same time. For example, X-shaped and O-shaped legs are not good-looking. < p > < p > Zhien is a fitness goddess. The reason why she is called goddess is that she has high appearance and beautiful appearance, and her temperament belongs to pure type. No one does not like this kind of pure appearance. From the popularity of milk tea sister, we can see that we like this type of girl. < / P > < p > in addition to her high appearance, her figure is also very outstanding, which has a lot to do with her persistence in fitness. Young girls choose to keep fit in order to reduce fat and build a slim and graceful figure. Many netizens especially appreciate Zhien’s legs. They think that the most outstanding part of her figure is her legs. From a slender and straight point of view, Zhien’s legs are really beautiful. There is a reason why netizens praise Zhien’s beautiful legs. They think that although many fitness women have good body curves, their legs are generally thicker, and thin legs like Zhien are rare. < p > < p > netizens’ words have a certain truth. If you do strength training to your legs, your thighs will become thicker. But it’s not to say that the fitness legs will become thicker, so you dare not exercise. It depends on your fitness style. Do you like fitness goddess like Zhien? < / P > < p > if you use fitness or exercise to lose weight, the diet after exercise is more important. After exercise, pay more attention to the intake of protein and fat, as well as the proportion of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits should be appropriate. Avoid fried foods and avoid cakes and biscuits, which are not easy to consume. < p > < p > after getting up in the morning, this is the lowest metabolism of the day, exercise consumes the slowest energy, and the effect of burning fat is not good. So, it’s best to do aerobic exercise between 4 and 7 p.m., because the metabolic rate is the highest during this period, when exercise can consume more fat and energy. After daily exercise, the metabolic rate of the body will rise a lot, and the body shape will be more beautiful, but the weight will not necessarily decrease. Therefore, through the way of exercise to lose weight, its effect should not only look at the weight, but also pay attention to the content of body fat, but also pay attention to the regular trend of body shape change. < / P > < p > you can lose some energy during exercise, but if you only drink some sports drinks, the calories you just lost will probably be returned. Therefore, do not drink these sports drinks, the best supplement is to drink boiled water. < / P > < p > if you repeat the same exercise method, intensity and time every day, it is invalid, because the body has adapted to these exercise methods, and it is easy to encounter bottlenecks. So, you can make a weight loss plan that includes different exercise, intensity and length of time. < / P > < p > if you use a lot of exercise to make up for the lack of daily activities, the total calorie consumption per day may be lower. Therefore, we should pay attention to the balance of the amount of exercise, reduce the intensity of the exercise for a while, so that the body can get a rest. Usually, you can try to stand up and work, or take a break and walk around in the middle, so that exercise can appear at any time in life. < / P > < p > lean over, hands directly under the shoulders, elbows slightly curved, core tight, legs open and close jump, the smaller the range of hips during the jump, the better. < / P > < p > lean down with arms directly under the shoulders, support the body with both hands and feet, tighten the core, bend the elbow slightly, bend the knee forward and lift one leg inward to the top of the action, and then switch sides. < / P > < p > when kicking, the abdominal muscles should have a strong sense of contraction, and the body should be completely twisted with the legs, and the eyes should move with the kicking legs; after the legs were kicked straight, they would pause slightly to change sides. < / P > < p > lean forward with arms directly under the shoulders, support the body with both hands shoulder width, straighten the back, tighten the core, step one foot to the side of the same hand, return to the prone state, and step the other foot. < / P > < p > imitate skiing posture, jump left and right, swing arm, turn and kick leg at the moment of take-off, and exert force at the same time. When one leg lands, the other leg swings backward, and both hands naturally swing arms. After landing, the toes of hind feet can keep balance slightly. < / P > < p > lean over with arms directly under the shoulders, open the legs and feet the same width as the shoulders, support the body with both hands and feet, and tighten the core. Lift the buttocks up and at the same time lift one arm to touch the opposite leg. After the vertex stops, change sides. < / P > < p > the rest between each action is about 20 seconds. In light activity, you need to keep breathing rhythm, waiting for the heart rate to drop and the next action to arrive. 08/17/2020