Qi stagnation constitution people, happy less, more problems, 3 small ways to restore a good mood

On rainy days, I feel depressed and depressed; when the flowers fall, I sigh about the impermanence of life Do you remember who? The most typical is, of course, you or your friends around you are the same

qi stagnation may lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and cancer. Why women easily suffer from breast cancer, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer? Many of them are caused by qi depression.

it’s not only unique to women, but also prone to stagnation of liver qi and depression due to various pressures of modern men. It was because of depression that he locked himself in the room, climbed from the bathroom window to the outer wall, and finally fell to death.

there are often such painful experiences in life. Someone believes in all the clues in his life and is suspicious. If he can’t understand it, he feels miserable. He thinks wildly, loses his temper and makes trouble to his family.

the daily illness of these people is mainly related to their emotions. The liver and gallbladder are responsible for the management of emotions, and the liver belongs to wood, which is responsible for generating and regulating emotions. If she is always sulky, but also in the heart for a long time, it will induce liver qi stagnation.

but when people are 40 years old, their liver lobes will become thinner, their ability to store blood will become worse, their emotional control will become worse, and their emotions will be easily disordered and qi depression will appear. So after the age of 40, many women will be particularly vulnerable to menopause.

therefore, children should understand their parents more and don’t make them angry. The elderly should also cultivate hobbies. Jogging, fishing, flower cultivation, Tai Chi and square dance are good choices.

Qi is the commander of blood, and Qi is the blood flow. If there is blood stasis, it will hinder the operation of Qi, cause qi stagnation, easy to aggravate the disease, lead to blood stasis, chest and abdominal distension, irritability, etc.

you can take part in outdoor sports. When you go to the green water and green mountains, you can yell at the valley and shout out the depression in your heart. Moreover, you can run outside for a circle, breathe fresh air, watch the mountains and water, and your mood will gradually get better.

Bergamot citron tea uses eight materials, including bergamot, tangerine peel, citron, jujube kernel, red rose, hawthorn, Poria cocos and jasmine, which complement each other, soothe the liver and promote qi, relieve depression and disperse stagnation.

the tea bag is small and easy to carry. Whether it’s at home or in the office, we’re not in a good mood or in a bad mood. If we take a cup of tea slowly, we have time to relieve our emotions. The time for tea making has shifted, and we are not so depressed. The hot air of the tea slowly wafts out. The wisps of fragrance are refreshing and refreshing. It’s relaxing and comfortable. 08/16/2020