Qiao Xin is so cute that she shares the makeup process and the cosmetics used are not expensive

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey!

have you seen the recent special fire? Do you love and hate Wang Xiaomeng played by Qiao Xin? Xuejie has been paying close attention to her and found that she is just a treasure girl. She has her own opinions on dressing, especially in making up. She can become a beauty blogger ~

isolation is also a crucial thing in the whole make-up, which can moisturize, whiten, antioxidant, soothe the skin, and make the skin long-term moisturizing Star of the same type, Faye Wong and big s and many other stars are using.

at the same time, this pre make-up milk contains propylene glycol, glycerin, ci77891 and other ingredients, and all the water tender active complex has the effect of moisturizing, which can make the makeup more comfortable and hide the pores. The people who buy this kind of isolation cream are all highly praised by more than 90%, and seldom see bad comments. My sister is also a must for every make-up.

has used their products to know that their products are quite good. Their air cushion is light and durable, and can also adjust our skin feeling. We can apply some cream and essence before the face, and then put on makeup.

but this type of air cushion contains chemical sunscreen. The school girl recommends that you use the physical sunscreen before you use it, and the concealer of this air cushion is not very strong, but her moisturizing is still very good. You still choose according to your skin. And this kind of air cushion has a very high color, so it’s very convenient to put it in the bag.

this eyebrow pencil is the Savior of the disabled party. People who can’t draw good eyebrows can also draw wild eyebrows. My sister herself has been using this eyebrow pencil for several years. It’s really a eyebrow pencil that can be bought back indefinitely.

it doesn’t take a long time for this eyebrow pencil to produce satisfactory eyebrows. It can be finished in a few minutes. The pen is double headed, flat head and sponge head eyebrow brush. Even if you only use the sponge end, you can draw natural eyebrows. But this kind of eyebrow pencil is relatively easy to be short. Sister Xuejie suggests more. What collocation is

eye shadow is really a daily routine. You can all match with your wishes wherever you are. It’s very suitable for beginners. After all, it’s easy to get started.

and this eye shadow is a product that can be used for iron. It can fix not only eye shadow but also blush, and the price of eye shadow is really super high. And the powder is very delicate, don’t worry about flying powder.

this kind of Eyeliner must be an eyeliner as we all know. Eyeliner is really very fine, and it is also very smooth to draw, and even if it is not a whole day, it will not be embarrassing to have dizzy makeup.

but in normal use, it is better to shake the pen tip downward for several times, so that the liquid can fully flow to the pen tip, so that the color is higher and more smooth, and there will be no water at all.

sometimes the biggest fear is that their eyelashes are brushed out of the fly leg. They are really not love, but this mascara will not really appear as a fly leg, and it can also brush curly eyelashes, which look like a false eyelash.

and this eyelash really won’t take off make-up. Even if you’re one of the eyelashes who love oil, you don’t have to worry. This eyelash will not take off makeup in a day. But this mascara is not easy to unload. Our school elder sister suggests that we do not need to remove makeup water.

this blush is really a girl’s heart full. Every girl sees a blush that she wants to have. The face is also very natural, just like our natural blush feeling, is that kind of soft and transparent powder, novices will not be afraid of heavy drops on the face.

we can choose either before or after fixing the makeup, dip a little bit on the hand, and then wipe the face evenly. But this blush, this liquid rod may be a little difficult to take out, and the school elder sister suggested that the yellow skin carefully entered, for the yellow skin is not very friendly.

this goodnight powder is a product that is really worth starting with. The price is also special and friendly to the people, and its cost performance is super high. And this fixed makeup is special oil control, and also special skin grinding. Its puff is also very thick, not fly powder is very serious.

this goodnight powder contains talcum powder, magnesium stearate, silica and other ingredients, which can moisturize, whiten and balance oil. And unlike other products, we can sleep on our face without any problem. If the makeup is not uniform, it is possible for us to have a thick face. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao