Qin Hailu, who gave birth to the “giant infant syndrome”, explained the great maternal love. Now the child is 5 years old

“Early birth of a big fat boy” is a blessing word often used by the older generation. However, the medical definition index is different. When the fetus is born, if it exceeds the standard weight, it is unhealthy, and the overweight fetus belongs to “megaloblastic disease”. < / P > < p > when we mention Qin Hailu, we must have a highly recognizable face in our minds. Qin Hailu, who has been active on the screen for many years, has many representative films and TV works with her exquisite acting skills. Compared with the brilliant performing arts career, Qin Hailu’s marriage and family are much lower-key. Qin Hailu’s husband is a screenwriter. They have a son after marriage. They are already five years old. However, Qin Hailu’s process of giving birth to a child is more “thrilling” than that of ordinary pregnant women. At that time, Qin Hailu, 36, was already an older woman, but her unborn fetus suffered from a familial inherited megaloblastic syndrome. Before the exposure of pregnancy to the media, Qin Hailu’s pregnant belly was particularly “eye-catching”, and even some media speculated that Qin Hailu was pregnant with twins. < p > < p > Qin Hailu has also revealed in an interview program that she has experienced during her pregnancy. At 37 weeks of gestation, the size of the fetus is equivalent to that of a 40 week old baby. In order to reduce the risk of childbirth, Qin Hailu had to choose a caesarean section to give birth to a son. Even if the baby was born earlier, the weight of the child at that time was 9 Jin, which exceeded the normal standard and belonged to the super heavy baby. Fortunately, with Qin Hailu’s careful care, his son has grown up healthily in the past five years. Now, he is no different from his children of the same age in body shape. He has even absorbed the good genes of his parents. He is more and more handsome and has won praise from many fans. The movie star Qin Hailu is not an example. There are many cases of giant infant syndrome in our life. Usually, a child who weighs more than 8 Jin at birth is medically defined as megaloblastic. Macrosomia, not only has an impact on the health of the fetus, but also causes the risk of maternal childbirth. There are two reasons for megaloblastic syndrome: one is family heredity like Qin Hailu. Usually, if children born in parents’ families weigh more than normal children, their children and grandchildren may have the gene for megaloblastic syndrome; the other is caused by irregular and unhealthy eating habits of parents during pregnancy. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, the family status of most pregnant mothers rises immediately. All kinds of delicious food and drinks are provided at home, and all kinds of nutrition products compete to “flatter”. < / P > < p > in the special period, it is right for a pregnant mother to supplement nutrition. After all, it is necessary to provide nutrient input for the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen. However, it is not enough to completely indulge themselves if they do not control their diet. Maternal excess nutrition is not only the fat accumulation of the mother, but also directly affects the absorption and development of children and increases the probability of “megaloblastic syndrome”. The diet structure of pregnant mothers should be reasonable. They should take enough protein, calcium and vitamins every day, such as eggs, milk, meat, shrimp, fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, etc. Besides occasionally eating fried food and greasy food with high fat, they should eat as little as possible. < / P > < p > reduce the intake of drinks and pasta with high sugar content. If the pregnant mother has gestational diabetes mellitus, the proportion of fetal macrosomia will also increase. At the same time, the pregnant mother should eat according to the “less eat more meals” way of eating, which not only ensures the nutrition, but also avoids overeating. < / P > < p > pregnant women should take a rest, which is the theory of many people, so after pregnancy, “be able to sit, never stand, can lie down, never sit” has become the activity purpose of pregnant women. Coupled with the influence of progesterone during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have drowsiness, physical fatigue and other phenomena. Exercise has become a “taboo” during pregnancy. < p > < p > in fact, in medicine, it is advocated to engage in reasonable exercise during pregnancy, and adhere to a certain amount of mild aerobic exercise every day, such as walking, pregnancy yoga, etc., which is conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies, and also conducive to natural childbirth. However, many expectant mothers don’t think it’s expensive and expensive to have a prenatal check-up, and the frequent prenatal examination in the third trimester is even more troublesome. < / P > < p > in fact, the prenatal examination is the examination of various health data of the fetus and baby. The development indicators can be used to estimate the weight of the fetus through abdominal B-ultrasound examination. Once the fetal development is found to exceed the standard, the control under the guidance of the doctor can also reduce the incidence of megasomia and ensure the safety of the pregnant mother during delivery. < p > < p > pregnancy is a very special period. The body development and nutrition of the fetus and baby depend on the mother’s supply. For the future health of children, every mother to be must also adhere to the principle of “keep your mouth open and open your legs” during pregnancy to keep your best state and welcome the arrival of a new life! HEALTHY LIFE