Qin LAN appeared in Weiya’s live room. The screenshot looks like 20 years old, but she claims that skin care needs six figures a year

It’s no surprise for fans that stars bring goods. For example, actor Liu Tao was involved in the trend of live delivery with goods some time ago, and the host Hua Shao also successfully changed his career to become a host! It can be seen that live delivery with goods is very popular now, even the stars have come to share a share! And some well-known anchors will invite stars to the live room from time to time to interact with everyone, such as giant Weiya is a very good example. < / P > < p > in Weiya’s live studio, there are many popular students like Lu Han, Guan Xiaotong, Ren Jialun and so on, and there are also many old actors like Sun Li and Jing Jing! So the star who can be invited to Viva’s studio is also very popular. Recently, Qin Lan also appeared in Weiya’s live broadcast, and her condition was very good that night! In the screenshots, it looks like twenty years old. It’s not so enviable! < p > < p > you can see that Qin Lan was wearing a beige chiffon shirt, matching a black leather pants, and stepping on high-heeled shoes, she even waited on her feet to have no armor! It’s so exquisite! It’s so sweet and delicious! In Qin LAN, there is always an indescribable temperament, like a bully president, and like a sister next door, style is very changeable! < / P > < p > and Qin Lan’s appearance is also very high in the refined photos! Delicate facial features are very three-dimensional, and very small, goose egg face makes Qin LAN look very gentle, no wonder there will be a feeling of sister next door! And Qin Lan’s figure is also very good. Does this slender leg look like your arm? And Qin Lan’s thigh seems to be a little bit of fat! What’s more, Qin LAN played games with Weiya in the live room! The interaction between the two is very interesting. Qin Lan also brought pig ears during the live broadcast. However, it is not so beautiful because of this, but it looks more lovely! Looks more Qin LAN, very smart, like a girl in flower season! It’s really killing the fans! < / P > < p > in Weiya’s live room, beauty is not allowed. After all, it is necessary to restore the authenticity of the products, not to mention the preferential treatment of thin face and big eyes. Therefore, Xiaobian is also very curious. With the blessing of the beauty filter, what is Qin LAN’s real appearance like? < p > < p > but in the live broadcast, Qin Lan’s state is very good even under the original camera lens of high definition! And Weiya and she also had a good time during the live broadcast. Both of them wore pig ears and looked at each other with a smile, and Qin Lan’s smile was also very brilliant! However, Qin Lan’s face value is higher and looks very comfortable! < / P > < p > it’s like laughing with her best friends on campus. In the screenshot, she looks like she’s 20 years old! And even if it is a laugh, Qin Lan’s facial features are very three-dimensional, this appearance is really very able to fight, it is like 20 years old! < p > < p > but if I don’t say it, no one can guess that Qin LAN is 40 years old, right? I believe that many small partners and Xiaobian have been shocked! After all, how does Qin LAN look like a 20-year-old girl! I have to say that Qin Lan’s appearance is really very resistant to fighting. It’s really enviable! There must be some friends who are curious. How does Qin LAN maintain it? < / P > < p > after all, who doesn’t want to have the same skin care as a star? But Qin LAN in the live broadcast of her own skin care to use 6 figures a year! It really surprised a lot of the audience! But Qin Lan also said, only choose the right, not the expensive. It seems that her skin care products are not the most expensive! But six digits a year. < / P > < p > it can be seen that it is also valuable! No wonder the skin of stars is so good! For example, in China, the sisters send more than 10000 sets of skin care products to each other. Comparing Qin Lan’s six figures a year, I think we can accept some? It seems that Qin LAN has put a lot of effort into the maintenance! < / P > < p > and it is not without results! In the previous skin care video of Qin LAN, you can see that she is in a very good state when she is plain, with only a little obvious dark circles around her eyes, and basically no pores can be seen! It seems that six figure skin care products a year are worth it! < / P > < p > and in the live broadcast, Qin Lan also said that she wanted to film with a 20-year-old little fresh meat, and the pressure was still very high! I’m still very afraid that there will be a sense of disobedience when I’m in the same frame. You can also see that Qin LAN is very concerned about skin care! < / P > < p > and this time, the little fresh meat that Qin LAN is going to cooperate with is also Wang Hedi, who has a high degree of topic some time ago! But think carefully, the age difference between them is still very big! No wonder Qin LAN is so nervous! But before Qin LAN and the prince different in the same frame to play, there is no sense of disobedience! Many fans hope that Qin LAN can play with the prince! < p > < p > but Wang Hedi has a head! Looking forward to their new work. What do you think of Qin Lan’s self exploding skin care cost of six figures a year? Welcome to comment on the comments. 08/16/2020