Qingfeijie “bar” found that it is not Siraitia grosvenorii, the top of the list is it, nothing to drink two

Lung health is the most common health problem that we have. Because the lungs dominate breathing, our respiratory system is affected when our lungs are in trouble. It’s also important for men to have a healthy lung. Long term smoking men, will let the lung minister in the state of unclean substances pollution, bring a lot of health effects. So now there are many slogans that advocate smoking cessation, and urge many people and hope to have an impact on many people. When we are ill, the first thing to speed up is our heart beat. It means tension and discomfort, and breathing will be very urgent, which is because our lungs advocate our breath. When helping the blood flow, the blood also needs to exhaust the useless gas. But when there is a problem in the lungs, the heart blood will be insufficient, and the lack of blood in the heart will lead to abnormal heart rhythm, palpitation or chest tightness.

people with bad lungs have bad gas. If you can’t breathe well, your skin will not grow smoothly. The impermeable skin will easily lead to dull and lustrous skin, and even may grow color spots.

in addition to the dim face, it may also be on our mouth. The mouth loses its red luster and may turn purple because the lungs affect breathing, which affects the nerves on the mouth.

it is often seen that in lung cancer patients with lung cancer due to lung problems, their fingers are like a mallet, which is very drum. This is because of lung injury, the lack of blood and blood supply will cause the finger end to appear ischemia.

when there is a problem with the lung, the function of lung regulating water will decrease. When you want to drain out the urine stored overnight in the morning, because the lungs are not clean and the lungs are not smooth. Originally morning should be the most smooth comfortable time, become the urine discharge is not fluent.

chrysanthemum, as the leader in tea industry, has many tea lovers’ likes. Because it is rich in many trace elements, often drink can also lose fire, clean the lung toxins, eliminate the threat of the liver.

smokers can also use this tea instead of wine to help the lungs no longer dry, nourish yin and moisten the lungs, degrade the pressure of the lungs, promote better respiratory circulation and do metabolism.

this is a fruit that we eat less, but it has a significant effect. Lots of pulp are still sour and sweet. Li Shizhen also said that Pipa’s lung clearing effect, alleviate the dry season and mouth dry thirst. If the lungs need to be moistened, this is the first choice of fruit.

because of the pungent smell of Houttuynia, it lost the love of a public and did not like to eat this fishy thing. In fact, it is a common medicine in our traditional Chinese medicine. It can be mixed, hot pot, and water. The varied way to eat it can bring us a good environment for our lungs and solve the toxins in our lungs. And the effect of cough and phlegm.

this is the most popular fruit with the highest choice rate due to our common sore throat. It contains a lot of juice and it is sweet at the entrance. It is recognized that it is a good product to relieve thirst and moisten the lungs and clear the throat.

smokers should stick to drinking water, fresh taste and alleviate heat. Natural antipyrexia products in hot weather. It also helps to remove mouth tone and improve lung repair. Clean the lungs and make them stronger.

not only can food therapy help us to improve lung health, but also massage physiotherapy of traditional Chinese medicine can help to ventilate lung qi. Most important is to strengthen physical exercise. Only by increasing physical quality and immunity can we leave toxins and be far away from disease. 08/16/2020