“Queen of Chinese wedding dress” Wang Weiwei, 71 years old, still curvilinear, fitness makes skin tighter!

Have you ever thought about your life after 70? Is it to lie in a rocking chair and bask in the sun, or coax one’s grandchildren to enjoy their twilight years? Some people’s 70 years old are ordinary, but some people’s 70 years old are different. Today, let’s take a look at “Chinese American wedding dress queen” Wang Weiwei. What’s her life like at the age of 70? < p > < p > Vera Wang graduated from the Paris palace of art in France College, her major in college is art design. After graduation, she went directly to the field of wedding dress for professional research. She is a very famous Chinese designer. A wedding dress she handles can even be sold for a Ferrari. She is worthy of the title of “wedding Queen”. Although she is now 71 years old, her body and energy are not old at all State. < / P > < p > just looking at this photo, can you imagine a 71 year old grandmother in front of you? We all know that most ordinary people’s age of 70 means that they are old and old. However, Wang Weiwei has lived her own attitude towards life. She was born in 1949. She is over 70 years old and faces life calmly. From figure skater to wedding dress designer, she has been pursuing what she wants, both in body and in her career. What is the most proud part of Vera Wang? Then she will answer that the legs, which are thin and symmetrical, show Vera Wang’s overall figure curve vividly, straight and slender, but not lack of white and tight. Who can imagine this from a 70 year old man? Therefore, daily basic stretching action can not be less, enhance the flexibility of the body, so that muscles and ligaments always keep tight. < / P > < p > slowly exhale and bend your knees in turn to get ready to enter the downward dog pose. Rotate your body, kneel on the cushion surface, open your hands and five fingers to compress the cushion surface, stand on tiptoe, stand on your knees, lift your hips, and slightly bend your knees to make your sitting bones turn upward. As you exhale, push your thighs back and your heels go straight down into downward dog pose. Instead of opening your legs too wide, you can adjust your comfortable position to make sure your heels sink better, feel your toes relax, and say, well, vertically down. Stretch the muscles of the lower leg to the heel, lift the sciatic bone when inhaling, push the sciatic bone to the ceiling, fully extend the ligaments at the back of the whole thigh, press down the tiger mouth in front of the last breath, and sink the outer side of the shoulder to fully open the neck space. < / P > < p > stand on tiptoe with both feet moving forward to the middle of the cushion surface. With the feet together, lift the body upward and enter the mountain standing. Hold both hands on the hips and extend the back upward. When exhaling, fold the body forward and downward with the pelvis as the folding point. Always rotate your pelvis, keep your body down and arch back, then stay at this moment. If you feel relaxed and keep going down, let your fingertips push the ground, push the heel hard on the cushion surface, lift the sitting bone and let the heel sink. Lift the sciatic bone upward and push the whole thigh backward. Keep natural breathing here. Push the fingertips on the ground. Stretch the chest forward to find the mandible when breathing in. Pedal the heel and lift the ischium when exhaling. Pay attention to keep the abdominal contraction to reverse the whole pelvis. CUISINE&HEALTH