Recent research: multiple system inflammatory syndrome in children is associated with neocoronavirus infection

A novel coronavirus pneumonia journal published in a medical research paper published on 18 May. Through the immunological analysis and detailed clinical characteristics of 25 children with multiple system inflammatory syndrome, the results showed that MIS-C is an immune disease, which is different from the new crown pneumonia but is associated with the occurrence of new crown virus infection. It is necessary to carry out further research to understand the immunity of MIS-C. Response mechanism.

according to the paper, a new type of clinical syndrome associated with new coronavirus has been reported recently, characterized by multiple organ dysfunction and systemic inflammation.

twenty five children with mis-c, aged 7-14 years, were studied by manu Shankar Harry, the corresponding author of the paper, King’s College London, UK, and colleagues. They found that 17 novel coronavirus pneumonia antibodies were positive in 8 children with 8 negative serum tests.

at the same time, 18 of the group reported gastrointestinal symptoms, 7 had radiological evidence of pneumonia, and 7 had coronary artery dilatation or aneurysms. The study also found that positive serum tests were associated with a high incidence rate of gastrointestinal symptoms, while coronary artery dilatation or aneurysm only occurred in children with positive serum tests.

the authors defined three clinical stages for the disease: acute stage, inflammatory regression stage and recovery stage. They analyzed blood samples from 23, 14, and 10 children in each of the three stages and compared the results with seven age-matched healthy children. The novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were found to have elevated levels of cytokines in the acute phase. Novel coronavirus pneumonia also showed a similar decrease in the immune response of adult patients with B and T cells. These cell populations returned to normal levels during the recovery period. According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the immune response of MIS-C children is similar to that of new crown pneumonia adults, but there are other differences, such as the number of neutrophils in another immune cell,

authors believe. They concluded that mis-c looked different from another pediatric inflammatory syndrome, Kawasaki disease, and cautioned that the experimental group was small and more research was needed to understand the mechanism of mis-c activation and the immune response associated with it. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao