Rectal cancer is not difficult to find, if there are three kinds of uncomfortable feeling on the toilet, should immediately seek medical advice

The large intestine is the main tool to help the body digest and excrete. When the large intestine has problems, it will affect people’s digestion and excretion. Rectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in colorectal diseases. Compared with other cancers, rectal cancer still occupies the leading position in cancer mortality. And people in the detection of rectal cancer, most of them have reached the middle and late stage, so we must pay attention to the abnormal changes of the body in daily life. < / P > < p > going to the toilet is something people do every day. As long as we drink water or eat, our bodies will excrete urine and feces. However, if you have these three uncomfortable feelings when you go to the toilet, we suggest that you go to the hospital immediately for medical examination, which may be caused by rectal cancer. < / P > < p > first, bloody stools occur during defecation. People defecate blood, many times people will be caused as hemorrhoids, so in most cases do not care. I think it’s hemorrhoids, and then you can apply some medicine, don’t care too much. But because we have such an idea, we ignore the big devil of rectal cancer. If you have bloody stool when you go to the toilet and defecate, and often have a strong sense of defecation, but go to the toilet and can not pull out, and also feel abdominal distension. At this time, we should be careful, this must be a physical condition, hurry to the hospital to check, see where the problem is. < p > < p > secondly, the frequency of going to the toilet every day is abnormal. People normally defecate up to three times a day. If you defecate more than three times in a day, you should pay attention to it and see if it is only in these two days. If it has been going on for a long time, then you must pay attention. Sometimes there are some friends in the number of defecation increased when there will be abdominal pain, which may also be the performance of rectal cancer in the troubling,. Therefore, in any case, only the frequency of defecation in the toilet has increased for a long time. We must go to the hospital for examination. Don’t feel that the increase in the frequency of defecation in the toilet is not harmful to the body. In fact, this is the performance of physical problems. < / P > < p > Third, constipation and diarrhea often occur. Diarrhea and constipation are actually common to everyone. When people suffer from cold or eat something bad recently, diarrhea will be caused, but diarrhea will stop with the cure of these small diseases. Constipation is the same, sometimes people eat more dry food, and in this period of time drink less water will appear constipation phenomenon. But when people improve their diet and drink more water, their short-term constipation will get better. These are physiological normal will appear, but if you often constipation or diarrhea or constipation and diarrhea alternately, then discharge because of diet or water consumption, then you must pay attention to. < / P > < p > sometimes some friends will be complacent, and think that their diarrhea after constipation can eliminate the feces in the body, but if your situation is frequent, it must be abnormal. The normal person’s feces are soft and hard, and the color is generally khaki or the color of the food you eat. If your feces are not normal There must be something wrong with the intestinal tract. We must see a doctor for examination and treatment as soon as possible. Skip to content