Reduce the infection rate of children with new crown

According to the order, primary and secondary schools in Moscow will be suspended from October 5 to 18 for two weeks to reduce the infection rate of the new coronavirus, Russian satellite network reported on the 29th.

sobianin said that at present, children account for a large proportion of patients with new coronavirus and are usually asymptomatic. “When they go home, it’s very easy for them to transmit the virus to the adults and the elderly in their families, who are much more serious once they get sick,” sobianin said

sobianin pointed out that it is necessary to take advantage of the suspension to reduce the infection rate. At the same time, it is best for children to stay at home during the suspension. The order also pointed out that, since September 28, people will be suspended from going to amateur children’s institutions.

Agassi tawajiang, a statistics and simulation expert at the Russian Economic Research Center, said recently that the peak of the new epidemic in Russia may appear in 2-3 weeks. Moscow’s anti epidemic action headquarters said on the 29th that 23 new deaths had been reported in Moscow in the past 24 hours, the highest single day death record since July 15, with a total of 5203 deaths. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE