Refuse Huang Mianpo: “correct 3 points, do more 3 things”, skin white and tender, face value plus points

You must have heard of several ways of whitening, but most of them have no scientific basis. If you do more, it will not only not improve the problem of dark and rough skin, but also damage the skin, causing the opposite effect.

I don’t know where I got this prescription. It’s said that washing face with rice washing water can whiten the skin and make the skin firm and elastic. However, the doctor said that this view is totally wrong. Washing your face with rice water is almost useless. Although Taomi water does contain vitamins and minerals, it is very trace and almost negligible. The most important point is that the rice washing water contains floating dust and unsafe factors in bacteria. Therefore, doctors do not recommend washing your face with rice washing water.

now there are many videos on the Internet about how to match several common items for whitening at home, so as to achieve the so-called zero addition and pure nature. Many friends who want to whiten listen to the tutorial and want to do it, but these methods are not only useless, if the match fails, they will hurt their skin.

Moreover, the production of skin care products is aseptic environment, the production process is very strict, the effect is poor, but the quality is certainly better than the ordinary family DIY whitening products.

the purpose of exfoliation is to make the aged stratum corneum fall off. In principle, it can really achieve the effect of whitening and let the skin regain its luster. However, human skin is very fragile. If frequent exfoliation, it will make the stratum corneum thinner and thinner, slowly lose the ability to store water, which is very harmful to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use less exfoliating products once every 2 weeks.

many people have been cheated by these common whitening mistakes, and many female friends who want to whiten have tried them, but they have suffered losses. On the way of whitening in the future, I hope you can shine your eyes, choose healthy and safe whitening products, and correctly use whitening and skin care products.

nicotinic acid peptide is mainly composed of nicotinamide, which has a good whitening effect. It can reduce the number of melanin transferred to human epidermal cells, fundamentally inhibit skin darkening and promote skin whitening.

in addition, nicotinic acid peptide also contains collagen peptide, donkey hide gelatin peptide and bird’s nest peptide. Tripeptide in one, can not only help skin whitening, but also moisturize the skin, detoxification and beauty.

usually, eating more healthy, vitamin rich green food and less spicy and irritating food is good for moisturizing and improving skin yellowing.

whether it’s outdoor work, facing the wind and the sun; or indoor work, facing the radiation of computer for a long time, many female friends will have dry and dark skin. Therefore, when carrying out moisturizing spray at ordinary times, this phenomenon can be avoided. Spray it when you feel dry, relieve dryness and refresh yourself.

besides correcting your bad skin care habits, staying up late less and keeping a happy mood are also good for your skin health. Usually do 3 things: eat more skin foods, carry moisturizing spray, eat more vitamin rich vegetable & fruit. The combination of internal and external nutrition, scientific whitening, skin can become white and moist. Focus