Remind: always drool when sleeping, may be 7 kinds of disease “stare at”, should cause attention

When we sleep, we will form a variety of postures, of course, there will be different sleeping postures. Many people also snore, drool or grind their teeth because of incorrect posture. Drooling is often caused by sleeping on one’s stomach or lying on one’s side. However, when a person has drooling for a long time, it may be an abnormal phenomenon for an adult. It may represent that some diseases are getting ready in the body. < / P > < p > in this season, our face is vulnerable to cold wind stimulation and cold. If our facial nerve is damaged by stimulation, it may lead to facial paralysis. In addition, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases can also cause the occurrence of facial paralysis. Patients often can’t close their eyes, and their mouth is crooked, which is mainly manifested as paralysis and weakness of facial muscles. Therefore, on the side of the crooked mouth, it’s easy to lose saliva. Therefore, if you will salivate when you sleep, and in the morning when you wash, you see that the corner of your mouth in the mirror is a bit crooked, you should go to the hospital in time to check, and be alert to the occurrence of facial paralysis. < / P > < p > when the teeth are uneven, the teeth on both sides will protrude and show up when laughing. When sleeping, it is inevitable that the mouth is not completely closed and the protruding teeth can not be covered completely, so it is easy to drool naturally. It is suggested to go to the dentist for orthodontic treatment to prevent drooling at night. < / P > < p > when the oral cavity is in a bad environment suitable for bacterial reproduction, it means that the oral cavity is full of food residues or lipid sugars, which will cause certain damage to the teeth and lead to inflammation. Then inflammation will increase the secretion of saliva, leading to increased saliva. When sleeping at night, saliva will flow out from the corner of the mouth unconsciously. Even after corresponding treatment, saliva will come uninvited. < / P > < p > when a person is in a state of long-term fatigue, either excessive brain use, or engaged in a certain amount of labor, leading to nervous system disorders, the brain receives the wrong signal of salivation from the parasympathetic nerve during sleep. Therefore, at this time to pay attention to more rest, not too tired, damage the immune, leading to the occurrence of other more serious diseases. < / P > < p > there are two kinds of inflammation in this, one is erosion of esophagus, the other is no damage to esophagus. Too much acid in the stomach, reflux to the mouth, produce acid reflux and heartburn and other phenomena. Vagus nerve stimulates salivary gland in oral cavity indirectly, increases saliva secretion, saliva direct current. Therefore, we often see people who have just finished eating lying on the table sleeping, saliva will stay on the table. It’s better to avoid sleeping on your stomach after eating, which affects your stomach health, including sleeping at night. It’s better not to eat in the first three hours. < / P > < p > when the nervous system is damaged due to some diseases, the patients with circulatory system disorder may also let the parasympathetic nerve receive signal stimulation when they sleep, and the brain will respond and increase the secretion of saliva. < / P > < p > when people are in arteriosclerosis, the body’s brain and muscles are in a state of lack of oxygen and blood, and the facial muscles are lax, which is often seen in the elderly. Coupled with their poor ability of swallowing, they will easily drool at night. Therefore, when this happens to the elderly at home, pay attention to go to the hospital in time to check the blood vessels and consult the doctor. < / P > < p > finally, adults should not casually ignore the phenomenon of drooling, especially those who have some diseases themselves. They should pay special attention to and guard against the situation when they sleep, which may lead to other major concurrent diseases. For example, for elderly patients with high blood pressure, if they often drool, it may lead to the occurrence of diseases such as cerebral thrombosis. Don’t confuse it with drooling when the elderly wear false braces. No matter which side is sleeping, they should be checked in time. 08/16/2020