Remind: if appear these 3 kinds of phenomenon, check liver function as soon as possible

So it will make people feel bloated, indigestion, loss of appetite, weight loss, abnormal bile secretion will make people’s taste function affected, so see more greasy food, even feel sick and vomiting.

2. The skin is yellow and itchy. After the decline of liver function, the ability to process indirect bilirubin and metabolize direct bilirubin is reduced, and jaundice will cause the skin, eyes and urine to turn yellow.

after the metabolism and transformation of bilirubin in the body are affected, the level of bilirubin in the blood will increase. Patients will directly convert indirect bilirubin into direct bilirubin in the liver, resulting in biliary obstruction and obstructive jaundice.

3. Black nails and circles of eyes. After the liver is damaged, its detoxification function will also decline. A large amount of toxin accumulated in the liver will make the originally smooth and glossy nails grow black vertical bars or uneven nail surface;

the eyes of patients will also be red and black due to excessive liver fire, insufficient blood supply or circulation, and most people with poor liver function will have sleep loss Less, more dreams, easy to wake up, resulting in the body can not get enough rest after the formation of dark circles. 08/17/2020