Reminder: everyone is afraid of cancer. Do you know what cancer cells fear most? I’m afraid you’ll do five things

Cancer has been unable to conquer, because cancer cells have no weakness? Of course not. Everyone has weaknesses. Although cancer cells are mutated cells, they also have weaknesses.

the scientific community has been making the latest progress in cancer research. In early September, the journal published two papers on cancer treatment.

the first study was carried out by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Oxford University, who found a new way to kill cancer cells. The division process of human cells is basically the same. When a normal cell divides, it will first form a centrosome structure, and then around the new centrosome, all the information such as the chromosome possessed by the cell can be accurately copied into the new cell, and a new cell will split out. Many healthy cells do not occasionally appear centrosome during division, which does not hinder the normal division of cells. Although this situation is rare, it also occurs.

However, researchers found that although the division process of cancer cells is the same as that of normal cells, cancer cells are very dependent on centrosome. Generally speaking, the division process of cancer cells is very rigid, and it depends on this form to complete the division. The researchers further found that once the centrosome was not formed during cell division, the cancer cells could not divide or even die. This gives researchers a way of thinking. Does it mean that as long as the formation of centrosomes during the internal division of cancer cells is inhibited, cancer cells can be killed?

following this idea, researchers found that a gene in cancer cells has different expression, which can produce many TRIM37 proteins. Is it working? The researchers then applied Plk4 inhibitors to different cells, which can interfere with centrosome formation. Finally, they found that cancer cells with normal TRIM37 protein levels can still divide without centrosome. However, once the level of TRIM37 protein increases, through the action of Plk4 inhibitor, cancer cells can not divide and eventually die.

the final conclusion of the researchers is that Plk4 inhibitors can specifically treat cancers with high TRIM37 protein expression, which is common in breast cancer and glioma.

another study from the University of California, San Diego further found that the level of TRIM37 protein directly affects the cell division process without centrosome formation during cell division. If the level of TRIM37 protein is low, the cell can achieve another form of division process through Plk4, and normal division can be achieved through this alternative way. But if TRIM37 protein is degraded in the elevated line, it will affect the alternative plan of cell division. When all the alternatives to cell division fail, the cell itself fails to divide and dies.

therefore, the common conclusion of these two studies is that Plk4 inhibitors are expected to become new drugs against cancer cells in the future. However, this kind of research is still in its early stage, and there may be new discoveries in the future.

in addition to the above research on the process of cell division, researchers from the University of Massachusetts School of medicine also found in July this year that selenium, a necessary trace element for human body, can also kill cancer cells. Changing the normal metabolism of tumor tissue is another way to kill cancer cells. Researchers have found that cancer cells can also remove their own unfavorable factors and wastes through their own metabolism. However, researchers feel that as long as they attack their own metabolic nodes, they can disrupt the normal proliferation and growth of cancer cells.

the researchers further found that in the metabolic enzymes of cancer cells, there is a substance called sephs2, which can effectively metabolize and degrade selenium, which is a necessary process for the survival of cancer cells. Researchers think that as long as the normal activity of sephs2 is interfered, the selenium metabolism process of cancer cells will be disturbed. In this way, the selenium content of cancer cells will gradually increase, but eventually selenium poisoning will occur due to the interference of metabolism. So the conclusion of these studies is that selenium does not directly kill cancer cells, but interferes with the normal degradation and metabolism of selenium in cancer cells, which can lead to selenium poisoning in cancer cells. So in the future, sephs2, the metabolic enzyme of cancer cells, will become a new drug target.

in addition, modern medicine has confirmed that cancer cells are very afraid of heat and have poor heat resistance. Generally speaking, as long as the temperature exceeds 43 degrees, cancer cells will die. The temperature that normal cells can tolerate is 47 degrees. So the medical community is also studying whether cancer cells can be scalded to death by precise hyperthermia.

at present, tumor hyperthermia is mainly combined with chemoradiotherapy and targeted drug therapy, which has a good synergistic effect on solid tumors. However, if there are hemorrhagic diseases, tuberculosis, infectious diseases and pregnant women, it is not suitable for hyperthermia. In addition, in clinic, if there are metal parts inside the body, hyperthermia should also be avoided.

in general, the research on cancer in the medical community has never stopped, and new ideas and new methods have been emerging, which is very necessary for further exploration of cancer treatment. For the general public, we can also avoid the invasion of cancer through some good habits in our daily life.

I’m afraid you can keep healthy weight: normal weight can effectively avoid obesity, diabetes and chronic diseases of digestive tract. And these chronic diseases gradually evolve, and will be linked with cancer. However, as long as you maintain a normal weight and will not be eroded by chronic diseases, your body will naturally be healthy.

the key to maintaining weight is to buy a scale. This electronic scale can not only monitor weight gain in real time, but also measure heart rate and body fat rate to help you better understand your body and urge you to lose weight. It is only 28cm in length and width, and does not occupy a place in the bedroom and living room.

I’m afraid you can keep in a good mood: cancer likes to be close to the patients with introverted and negative emotions accumulated in the body. If a person is cheerful and doesn’t sulk, and can guarantee that his emotions won’t rise and fall at any time, so that his body won’t be disturbed, his immunity won’t be affected, and his ability to resist diseases will be strong.

I’m afraid you don’t touch alcohol and tobacco: alcohol and tobacco and cancer are good brothers. If you smoke and drink alcohol, the risk of cancer is very high, and even if you don’t have cancer, other diseases will patronize you.

I’m afraid that you often exercise: exercise increases the coordination and flexibility of the body, and promotes the metabolism, so that the waste in the body can be excreted in time. With the enhancement of the body’s metabolic capacity, immunity will also be improved to a certain extent. But if you don’t exercise for a long time, the body will eventually get a negative effect.

I’m afraid you should pay attention to physical examination: no matter how terrible cancer is, it will be exposed in front of medical instruments. Regular physical examination, can effectively find the body lesions, as long as it is in the early stage, then the treatment of cancer will have a good effect.

so in general, what the medical community does is how to kill cancer after it occurs. What we should do is to try our best to prevent cancer before it comes. In this way, if your prevention is qualified, even if cancer comes, it will be difficult to break through your defense line=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Luanban