Reminder: kidney stones are often associated with three habits, but many people knowingly commit them

In order to prevent kidney stones, we should pay attention to the formation of good living habits, because many people have kidney stones related to bad habits. In the process of bad habits affecting health, kidney stones will form, and then affect kidney function. When kidney stone is serious, the back part ache, the body is febrile, even can have micturition difficulty performance. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent kidney stones in a good way. Which bad habits will keep healthy by changing the kidney, which can prevent kidney stones from producing? < p > < p > to effectively prevent kidney stones, the key is to get rid of bad habits. If you can pay attention to the reasonable diet, do not eat food in the process of eating, it is helpful to keep healthy. Because of the incorrect diet structure, many people produce kidney stones. For example, people who have calcium supplement behavior get more oxalate rich food in the process of calcium supplement. The combination of these two types of nutrients will produce calcium oxalate, which is the main component of stones. Therefore, food collocation should be reasonable in the process of diet, and the harmful substances can be avoided through reasonable food collocation. In addition, do not excessive access to high purine food, high purine food intake will lead to increased body uric acid concentration, also can cause urinary acid kidney stones. The most important thing is to get rid of the bad habit of not drinking water as soon as possible. Water is the source of life, through the supplement of enough water can maintain the health of the body, promote the metabolism of the body. In addition, it can make the kidney work normally and excrete crystalline substances in the body, which is also the key to avoid kidney stones. < / P > < p > however, many people always wait until their mouth is dry before drinking. If the water is too little, the crystal and garbage toxin produced by the body can not be excreted, which may accumulate locally, thus increasing the prevalence of kidney stones. Therefore, the most important thing for people who don’t want to have kidney stones is to drink water scientifically. Only by drinking a small amount of water several times a day can we meet the body’s needs and improve the metabolic rate of the body. Those who don’t want to suffer from kidney stones should pay more attention to exercise and get rid of the bad habit of not exercising. Many people basically do not have any amount of exercise, too little exercise will also have an impact on human health, is not conducive to the body’s circulation and metabolism, may let stones slowly accumulate, and then bring physical harm. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise in the process of maintaining the body and preventing kidney stones. Through more exercise, the excretion of stones can be promoted. Some small stones can be discharged from the body as soon as possible through physical exercise. Otherwise, kidney stones are more likely to form due to lack of exercise for a long time and other adverse factors. < / P > < p > in order to effectively prevent kidney stones, the above bad habits should be removed as soon as possible. By maintaining good living habits, one can maintain good health. Otherwise, it may be too late to change the bad habits after the formation of kidney stones. Only by actively preventing diseases can the burden of the body be reduced. 20