Reminder: the body has these three “characteristics” after the beginning of autumn, indicating that the uterus is under “threat”

Introduction: now many women are facing the problem of irregular menstruation. To a small extent, it is endocrine disorder. To a large extent, it will cause gynecological diseases, which makes many women start to worry. Dr. Liu is a gynecologist in a local hospital. She has many years’ experience in women’s irregular menstruation. In this regard, she shares her experience in alleviating irregular menstruation, hoping to be helpful to the majority of female friends.

a lot of women will have mild low back pain before coming to their aunt. This may be caused by the body catching cold. Sometimes, the waist pain becomes a sign of menstruation, but it is abnormal to often have low back pain. If you find a long-term low back pain, you should check it in time.

every girl has the habit of remembering her menstrual cycle, so as to avoid the embarrassment of menstruation. A week before and after menstruation is normal. If the menstrual period is delayed for more than a week or even longer, you should pay attention to the abnormal menstruation caused by bad habits or other reasons.

I believe that many girls have long periods of acne and large pores. Girls during menstruation have rough skin, which is caused by menstrual blood discharge. Therefore, at this time, we should pay attention to skin care and take care of skin health.

girls are weaker than boys, and they are easy to be afraid of cold. Therefore, when the weather gets cold, more attention should be paid to adding clothes and keeping warm, especially during menstruation. It will be autumn soon, and the weather will become colder and colder. For the health of uterus, we should pay attention to keep warm and cherish ourselves.

many people think that girls should not exercise during their menstrual period, otherwise they will be weaker. This view is wrong. It is precisely because in the menstrual period, when the physical fitness declines, more attention should be paid to enhancing immunity and preventing the body from being invaded by foreign pathogens. Therefore, do some moderate exercise during menstruation is good for health, but also can alleviate dysmenorrhea, protect uterine health.

the most important thing for girls is to cherish themselves. They should also protect their mother’s rights and take good care of their womb health. Among them, Li Shizhen’s detailed records of longan, red dates, medlar, chrysanthemum and other plants, which have a great role in protecting the health of the uterus. Here is a small golden recipe for diet therapy, which is as follows:

in order to protect women’s uterine health, we will make a tea bag according to the complex and reasonable methods, aiming at the protection of the uterus has good effect, adhere to each Drink a cup a day, convenient and energy-saving, when you want to drink warm water brewing for five minutes, you can drink.

conclusion: the body has these three “characteristics” after the beginning of autumn, indicating that the uterus is under “threat”. As a woman, she has more rights to take care of her own health, and strive to cherish her own right to be a mother, to take care of her uterus health, and for herself and her family. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this