Repeatedly remind: 4 kinds of food, or skin “aging agent”, love to eat the woman to shut up

Most women are greedy. They have a natural liking for food. The process of enjoying food is to enjoy life. But do you know that some foods are not as “harmless” as they look like? They are exquisitely made and fragrant. They are just their “coats” to hide themselves. The women who are “cheated” by them look ten years older than their peers! < / P > < p > aging itself is a thing that people can’t refuse. It’s a natural choice, in line with the laws of nature, but inappropriate food will accelerate the aging of the skin and make people look more haggard. < / P > < p > some friends may think of acidic food when they hear about it. In fact, they don’t distinguish it in this way. Acidic food is different from alkaline food. Foods such as peanut, egg yolk, bacon, persimmon and beef belong to acidic food, because the body fluid is weakly alkaline. If you eat acidic food often, it will break your body The balance of ecological environment, cause physical discomfort, affect the metabolism of melanin. < / P > < p > what our skin fears most is ultraviolet rays. The sunlight shining on our skin every day is actually the main reason for skin aging. And many foods are photosensitive food, they are rich in metal elements, easy to increase the skin’s “absorbance” after eating, increase the activity of melanin, in this way, the skin is easy to turn black. And ultraviolet rays will react with melanin in the skin, accelerating the aging of the skin. < / P > < p > although fried food is easy to make people fat, many people are willing to sacrifice their weight for the pleasure of this bite. In fact, the reason why fried food attracts people is probably because of its taste. But you should know that after frying, the nutrition of the food itself has been greatly lost, and a lot of fat has been inhaled. If you eat it often, besides weight gain, the garbage and toxins in the intestines and stomach will also increase. < / P > < p > some people think that if they eat too much soy sauce, their skin will turn yellow and black. In fact, this is not the case, because soy sauce is made of soybean, which is dark brown after brewing, but it will not be absorbed by the skin. It is dark food such as strong tea, cola and coffee that will really affect the skin state, because they are the culprit of aging and rough skin! However, natural dark foods such as black sesame, black beans and black rice are good for health. < / P > < p > in fact, we may often see these four kinds of food, or even eat them every week, but if you don’t want to age ahead of time, you still need to learn to stop just enough and control your appetite. < / P > < p > although the problem of hair loss has plagued many young people, the most serious period of hair loss is after the age of 40. In this period, women’s kidney function is gradually declining. If they don’t maintain it in time, their body will become more and more empty. < / P > < p > menstruation is a nightmare for some women, because they experience severe pain once a month, but when it comes later and less, you may be nervous. Because irregular menstruation is a sign of ovarian decline in women, it also indicates that women are about to enter the old age. < / P > < p > the signs that make women feel aging may be the gradually deepening wrinkles on their faces. The originally full and elastic skin has become shriveled and wrinkled, the skin color is getting darker and darker, and the facial spots are increasing. All these are the signs that the body has begun to decline, indicating that the toxins and garbage in the body can not be discharged in time. < / P > < p > after getting older, a large amount of fat will be lost in the buttocks, and the buttocks that are not “convex” will become more and more “flat”. This is a process that every woman has to face, and it also reminds women that if they don’t strengthen exercise, their bodies will be ugly. < / P > < p > water is the “accelerator” of body metabolism. When the body is short of water, the blood will become viscous and the flow rate will be slower and slower, which will hinder the metabolism of toxins in the body. Drinking more water can speed up the metabolism of toxins in the body. Adding cassia seed, chrysanthemum and other food ingredients in the water can enhance the effect of detoxification. PARRENT&CHILDREN