Research shows that: the new coronavirus may enter the human body through the nasal cavity

scientists say that novel coronavirus pneumonia may be explained by the study of nasal tissue, which helps to develop new treatments for new crown pneumonia. The study of nasal tissue from 23 surgical patients seems to explain why the new coronavirus can cause severe loss of olfactory function in infected patients without other symptoms, according to scientists from many countries. According to the report, scientists only found a high concentration of “angiotensin converting enzyme-ii” in lining cells of olfactory epithelium. Olfactory epithelium is located in the back of nose, which is the area of human body to sense smell. “The results suggest that this area of the nose may be where the new coronavirus enters the body,” said Chen Mengfei, co-author of the study at Johns Hopkins University School of medicine “The olfactory epithelium is a site that viruses can easily reach, and it is not deep in our bodies. We have found a high concentration of angiotensin converting enzyme II in this area, which may explain why people are easily infected with new coronavirus,” Chen said Andrew lane, one of the authors of the study, said the Johns Hopkins team was investigating “whether the new coronavirus is really using these cells to enter and infect the human body,” according to the report. “If this is the case, we may be able to solve the infection problem with antiviral therapy directly through the nose,” said lane BEAUTY&SKIN CARE