Review of shengpeptide skin care products played hi in 9012

Eight of the ten little fairy fairies who are well versed in the old age have eight skin dresser on the dresser. They say that the cream of traditional peptides and bottled antiaging cream are used. This little article is a little different for the sisters.

to tell you the truth, the antiaging cream designed by ampoule is placed in a beautiful box. It looks like lipstick. Every Monday, it is just a month’s dosage. When using it, it feels like a female agent. Every time you play it, you have a sense of killing all kinds of old diseases.

essence squeezed out is very bright egg white texture, water moisten slightly thick, taste smells very comfortable. In general, we use Olay’s little red bullet to paint the whole face first, and then we focus on the lacrimal groove, the law line, and the jaw line, and then overlay it. After all, xiaohongtan uses Olay’s exclusive triple peptides: Ersheng peptide, Sansheng peptide and wusheng peptide. The triple peptides work together to make the fresh collagen go up. So after almost one box is used, Xiaobian can obviously feel that his tears are smoother, the lines of the law are declining, and the contour of the jaw line looks clearer and more stylish, The whole face is moist and delicate, full of collagen.

it’s a pure physical sunscreen, with a little pearly touch up. It will be a little white when you just put it on your face, but it’s more natural after you apply it evenly. The moisturizing degree of the cream is relatively high, and the sense of granule is more delicate, so there will be no obvious whitening and rough sense of granule on the skin. It is more suitable for students with yellowish complexion and easy to darken. No matter what base make-up they use later, they can always run in very well. As long as they are not particularly “dark” girls, they should be able to match very well.

what’s more, this sunscreen is added with peptides, so it can resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays and also resist wrinkle and early aging. The ingredients have no poxvigenicity, so the overall cost performance is very high.

revision skincare has a 33 year history of peptide research. As early as 2002, RS has mastered the effects of dozens of peptide. When it comes to RS products, girls should be like Xiaobian. The first thing they think of is the refined neck cream, which is famous for its remarkable effect of weakening neck lines.

his family’s neck cream has two editions. One is the canned face cream familiar by fairies. Since its launch in 2002, it has been very popular. In TB search, “revision” can also find the title of “K recommendation”; the other is the new pressed pump style, which is more moist than the traditional one. Both versions retain the core of a variety of peptide precision repair formula, from the actual effect of weakening neck lines, the performance is very good.

Du it is a professional brand of hand and foot care, especially this kind of lady shengpeptide hand mask, which can be regarded as a star product at home and abroad. Its texture is very moist, and it has a good repairing effect on the peeling and barbs on the edge of the nails. Besides, it has a good anti-aging and rejuvenating effect. Apply a thick layer every night before going to bed, and your hands will become tender and smooth when you wake up the next day.

it’s not hard to see that in today’s popular skin care products, whether it’s high-end skin care products or new brands, they are very much in favor of using peptides as functional ingredients. Apart from traditional cream and cream, peptides, ampoules, sunscreens and even hand films are all playing 666. Excellent Ben Xiu is a real hammer=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so