Rhinitis and sinusitis, silly do not distinguish clear? I’ll teach you to distinguish them from four aspects

The location of these two diseases is different. The nasal cavity of human body is a small ventilation gap in the nostrils, which is covered by nasal mucosa. If the related symptoms of inflammatory diseases appear in this part, it is called rhinitis. And the position of sinusitis and rhinitis are different, paranasal sinuses refers to the surrounding nasal cavity, skull and other parts, a total of 4 areas, paranasal sinuses have a sinus mouth connected with the nasal cavity, if there are inflammatory diseases, it is called sinusitis.

patients with rhinitis may have stuffy nose, sneezing and runny nose at the initial stage of the disease, and in severe cases, it will cause olfactory loss. But patients with sinusitis are symptoms at the opening of the sinuses, which can lead to acute inflammation of the mucosa in the sinuses, resulting in patients with nasal ventilation, runny nose, headache and other conditions.

the symptoms of rhinitis are stuffy nose, mucinous nose and no other color. And chronic sinusitis patients will often flow white thick nose, especially in the cold, upper respiratory tract infection, there will be yellow purulent rhinorrhea.

if the use of drugs can not be effectively controlled, minimally invasive treatment, surgery and other methods can be taken, such as the use of low-temperature plasma ablation technology in the treatment of rhinitis, the additional damage caused to patients is small, and the amount of bleeding is also small, so there is no need to be hospitalized. For the treatment of sinusitis, if the drug does not work, it can only be treated by surgery, and it needs to be controlled as soon as possible, because when the inflammation of the patient continues to aggravate, or causes the appearance of nasal polyps, it will lead to increased treatment difficulty and treatment cost. At present, the common surgical method is minimally invasive sinus surgery under nasal endoscope, mainly in the removal of No Under the premise of reversible lesions, the normal tissues of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses of the patients should be retained to the maximum extent, so as to reduce the additional injury to the patients.

therefore, no matter what kind of nasal abnormality is caused, we must go to the hospital for detailed examination in time. If it is determined to be rhinitis, we can also carry out conservative treatment through drugs. If it is determined to be sinusitis, it is better to take radical treatment such as surgery in time to control, so as to avoid the aggravation of one’s condition.