“Rocket girl” returns home to plant trees: dreams can have countless forms

She studied rocket propellant fuel in Huazhong University of science and technology during her master’s degree. She published English papers in international core journals and obtained invention patents. After graduation, she worked as a senior procurement engineer in a world top 500 enterprise. This is the life before the age of 29 of Xianning girl in Hubei. In recent days, Zhou Chaoxia, together with her father and several young people growing seedlings in her hometown, has appeared in Baijia flower and seedling market in Liuyang, Hunan Province, carrying out research under the scorching sun. < p > < p > in 2018, Zhou Chaoxia established Hubei Lvsen seedling greening Co., Ltd. in her hometown. Why did she return home to become a “new farmer planting trees”? In 1986, Zhou Chaoxia was born in Guihua Village, Guihua Town, Xian’an District, Xianning City. There has always been a tradition of planting Osmanthus fragrans, which is the “hometown of Osmanthus in China”. Every August of the lunar calendar, light yellow, small osmanthus blossom branches, fragrance spread over the village field lane. Zhou Chaoxia’s four brothers and sisters, she took her brother and sister together to pick up osmanthus, and gave it to her grandfather to sell money. “Farmers sell osmanthus only, but they can’t earn much money.” In a mountain village in the southeast of Hubei Province, Zhou Chaoxia knew that “reading may be the only better way out”. In 2005, she was admitted to the school of materials science and chemical engineering of Harbin Engineering University. In 2012, Zhou Zhaoxia came to work in Shenzhen after her master’s degree. As a senior purchasing engineer of the company, she handles hundreds of millions of yuan of purchase every year. Originally, Zhou Chaoxia planned to buy a house and settle down with her lover in Shenzhen. < / P > < p > those flights that never seem to be finished, the five-star hotels that can’t be stopped, and the endless shopping and negotiation have become the normal work. Zhou Chaoxia feels that with her professional knowledge and diligence, she is “competent and can obtain a sense of accomplishment” in this job. After a while, however, she found that she was “hard to find a sense of belonging.”. < / P > < p > she tries to think and clarify whether she really loves her chosen field. Some young people make complaints about Monday syndrome, which is “just like a Monday.” the moment I got up was almost impossible, but my only thought was not to go to work. In 2015, Zhou Chaoxia was pregnant. Because of threatened abortion, she quit her job and took a rest at home. After giving birth to a child, she and her wife traveled to Europe, the Middle East and other countries. During her trip to Dubai, Zhou Zhaoxia said to her lover: “I really don’t know why so many people yearn for here. It’s just that the floors are higher and the shopping center is bigger. What really makes people relaxed and happy is the mountains, rivers and natural scenery. ” After appreciating the prosperity of the world, Zhou Chaoxia never forgets the small village where she was born and raised and her parents who stayed in her hometown. During her work in Shenzhen, she could only go home once a year for the Spring Festival holiday and get together with her parents for a week. However, her parents have worked hard for half a lifetime to provide their children with education, but their health is not very good. Zhou Zhaoxia finally decided to leave the city and return to her hometown to do a little business in the countryside. Maybe she can realize her life value and spend more time with her parents. As early as 2000, some people in Osmanthus town began to engage in Osmanthus seedling business. At that time, Zhou Chaoxia’s father also returned from Shenzhen, engaged in breeding, cutting, maintenance, seedling, transportation and other work, but the scale was small and the degree of specialization was far from enough. < p > < p > in 2015, Zhou Chaoxia started from managing her own dozens of Mu nursery stock base. She learned from her father and experienced growers nearby to deeply understand the planting points and growth characteristics of each variety. In 2018, when the children went to kindergarten, Zhou Chaoxia had more time and energy, so she officially registered with the company. Then, she made efforts in sales, set up enterprise stores and personal stores on some e-commerce platforms, built company websites, and did search engine optimization. In Osmanthus Town, there are many people doing nursery stock business. As a purchasing engineer, Zhou Chaoxia realized that the information was not accurate, the fish and dragons were mixed, and the quotation was unreasonably high In the market, there have been doubts about the nursery stock e-commerce. “To do business, we should learn to think in a different place. Sincerity is the most important stepping stone to move customers.” < / P > < p > once, a customer ordered a batch of Magnolia and came to the base to see the goods, but he chose Magnolia. Even in Osmanthus Town, it is difficult for local people who do not know enough about seedlings to distinguish them. The prices of the two are quite different. If you sell magnolia to customers, you will surely make a profit. But in the end, what Zhou Zhaoxia sent to customers was Magnolia. “He is a product manager. If the purchase is wrong, his leader will be held accountable. It will upset my conscience. ” On another occasion, staff of a large local textile enterprise in Xianning came to the base to buy a batch of azaleas. Zhou Chaoxia reported the wrong price, and the unit price was 3.5 yuan lower than the market price. Finally, Zhou Chaoxia or in accordance with the initial offer to close the deal, he lost more than 1000 yuan. This staff member feels Zhou Chaoxia is honest and straightforward, and then comes to purchase many times and becomes an old customer. < / P > < p > usually, when the weather is too hot, if a customer places an order, Zhou Chaoxia will choose to refund the order, because she knows that it is not suitable for planting, which will bring losses to customers. Moreover, she would recommend more suitable tree species from the perspective of customers, rather than those with high price and high profit. < / P > < p > “what does she think about going out of the countryside, developing in big cities, and coming back to be a farmer again?” “Is there a big gap between” building rockets “and planting trees?” “In the end, I will come back to plant trees. If I had known this, why should I learn so much?” Zhou Chaoxia returned to her hometown to start her own business. There have always been doubts about her. After hearing these words, Zhou Chaoxia felt a little uncomfortable, but soon figured it out, “it doesn’t matter what the external evaluation is. The key is to think thoroughly and clearly.”. < p > < p > in her opinion, taking such a road is the result of her own comprehensive consideration; reading can improve her overall quality such as pattern, thinking and judgment, which does not necessarily have to be limited to the development of this major. Her experience of studying and working abroad helps her to improve her horizon, and her method and efficiency of doing things will be different. As early as they entered the industry, many local peers believed that the nursery stock market was saturated and “business is becoming more and more difficult.”. Zhou Chaoxia doesn’t think so. She saw that the state vigorously advocates “green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”. Green, ecological and sustainable development are the mainstream. Greening will receive more and more attention, and the nursery stock market will not be depressed. However, the competition in this industry will be more and more fierce, “which requires the products and services to constantly develop towards specialization and high-quality products.” In the off-season season, when other villagers are relaxing and relaxing, Zhou Chaoxia chooses to go to Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Liuyang Baijia and other large-scale flower bases and market research to learn advanced planting, pest control, seedling raising and other technologies, and to investigate the market and price trend of seedlings. Many people in Osmanthus town grow Photinia rubra. Zhou Chaoxia thinks that what everyone is doing doesn’t have to be a part of the fun. In the past two years, the sales volume of young seedlings in the green belt has gone up. She has a hunch that gardenia, azalea and other varieties are evergreen and have flowers all the year round, and they will certainly be popular. In the local area, Zhou Chaoxia is the first one to develop large-scale cultivation of Rhododendron and gardenia. It has been proved that she sells very well, which also drives the planting and sales of these two varieties in the local area. Although Zhou Chaoxia is a “underachievers”, Zhou Chaoxia’s nursery stock business has improved a little over a year: the turnover has exceeded 1 million yuan. Some growers find her and hope to promote the planting and sales of new seedlings through cooperation. In April this year, Zhou Chaoxia participated in the “youth helping poverty alleviation project to find young venture partners and the ninth batch of entrepreneurial college students” held by the Communist Youth League Xianning municipal Party committee, won the project guidance from the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture, commerce and other departments as well as investors, met a number of young entrepreneurial friends in different fields, and successfully entered the incubator Youth Enterprise Center. Compared with the development level of seedling industry in developed areas, Zhou Chaoxia found that the overall scale of seedling planting and sales in her hometown was small, the operation was decentralized and the degree of specialization was not high. She hopes that through her own analysis of the market situation, more villagers will gather together to bid farewell to fighting alone, and work together to improve the degree of specialization and quality of nursery stock planting, so that osmanthus town will have more influence and voice in the seedling market. “I hope that through my own efforts, I can change my hometown. Otherwise, what is the significance of returning home?” She knows it’s not in a hurry, but she “has plenty of time.”. Seeing that Zhou Chaoxia, a “new farmer”, is bringing new ideas, new models and new technologies back home, some college students have expressed their support for her choice. What’s more, Zhou Chaoxia is more happy that nowadays people’s view of career choice is more open. More and more “God’s favourites” come back from the city and start again from the countryside. “In this era, dreams can have countless shapes.” Pets