Ruili, Yunnan, will return to school in batches. Senior three students plan to return to school on the 25th

According to reports, on September 15, all kinds of schools at all levels in Ruili City were completely closed. 3993 teachers and students living in nine schools, including the No.1 middle school, the No.1 junior middle school and the Jiele Central Primary School, were kept in school for isolation and closed management. The nucleic acid detection was completed on the 18th, all of which were negative. Zhao Ruiren, vice mayor of Ruili City, said that from the 22nd, primary and secondary schools in Nongdao Town, Jiexiang Township, Huyu Township, mengxiu Township and Wanding Town, and township schools in mengmao Town, such as manglin primary school, kalang primary school, Jiedong primary school and Shousha primary school in mengmao Town, have been fully resumed, while pre-school classes and kindergartens in towns and townships will not be resumed for the time being. The first English listening test and oral test will be conducted on September 26, 2021, and all senior three will resume their studies on September 25. On the 26th, Ruili vocational middle school and Ruili jewelry school resumed their studies; on the 27th, senior one, senior two and junior three all returned to school. Zhao Ruiren said that in order to reduce the flow of school staff and reduce the risk of the epidemic, younger students in grades 1 to 8, kindergartens and preschool classes in urban areas are planned to return to school on October 9 after the National Day holiday. During the period of staying at home, the school will arrange online teaching. PARRENT&CHILDREN