Running 5 kilometers a day, how long can I lose weight? Stop being fooled!

Recently, many netizens asked me, if I run 5 kilometers a day, how long can I lose weight? Actually, this problem seems very simple, but it is really complex. As a senior runner, a man who has been reduced from 210 Jin to 160 kg, I will talk about my point of view, and don’t be fooled by others! Many people will tell you the trick and technology of weight loss. In fact, it is inseparable from the essence of weight loss: the heat is poor. That is to say, if your calories are less than the sum of basic metabolism and exercise metabolism, you are already thin. For example, the human body is a water pool. Eating is pouring water in, while basic metabolism and sports metabolism are draining water out. As long as you slow down the irrigation speed and the water release speed becomes faster, the water in the pool will naturally decrease, and weight loss is the same. It is unreasonable that many people choose to lose weight by diet and eat substitute meals because they are lazy because this way of losing weight usually rebounds. Why does it rebound? In fact, it can not be separated from the essence of weight loss. Diet or alternative meals, due to low energy intake, can lead to the human body to activate the “protection mechanism”, which is to maintain your “long-term endurance” by reducing basic metabolism, which means that the flow of water released is artificially lowered. Once you return to normal diet, because of the low basic metabolism, there is a positive heat difference, and there is also a so-called “rebound”. So in summary, the most reasonable way to lose weight is to lose weight by exercising and matching with the appropriate diet structure. For novices, running 5K a day is totally unreasonable. First, the heart and lung function is a great burden. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to take the heart rate of medium intensity as the best, and the medium intensity is characterized by heart rate. The medium intensity heart rate is = *60% – 70%. Especially for novices, do not blindly pursue speed, and control the heart rate in this range. Many fat people actually go fast heart rate has reached this range, it is not suitable for running again. In addition, the new runners, especially in thighs, knees and ankles, will cause great damage to muscles and knees in a day due to the underdeveloped lower extremity strength. My suggestion is that the novice runners should increase their speed gradually from jogging to fast walking to jogging, and gradually increase from 2 times a week to 3-4 times a week, giving the body enough time to adapt. Many people say running must be less weight than walking. Why don’t you say running 5K is shorter? The essence of weight loss is heat consumption. At the same distance, the leg muscles are not much worse. Just like you drove the car for 5 kilometers in 20km an hour and 30km an hour, the fuel consumption is actually the same, so is running. In general, you can not be fooled by the so-called “marketing article” by remembering that the essence of weight loss is the heat difference. It is the most fundamental way to lose weight. There is no shortcut! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE