Running hurt your knee? It’s meaningless not to talk about the amount of running. How much is suitable for running every week? What’s worse is sitting

A few days ago, in a short video, a runner went to the hospital for examination. He ran 300 kilometers a month. The doctor concluded: “39 years old, 60 years old knee.” Many people think that running is not good for joint health, easy to hurt the knee, leading to joint inflammation.

there are also some voices that say: ordinary people can’t run at all. How can they hurt their knees if they keep the right running posture and run moderately? There is controversy when there is discussion, and no one can convince anyone. In fact, running itself does not hurt the knee, but there are still many subjective judgments that running is knee injury. Take examples of athletes to bar others. Which athlete has no injury after retirement?

maybe the people around you, or yourself, run too much and cause knee discomfort, and you will think that running hurts your knee. But these are only examples. In fact, we still need to take the evidence to speak, and we can’t take it for granted.

running Bailey only hurts the knee? Looking at the research data, running does put a little pressure on the joints, but it’s not the same thing that there’s pressure and injuries. What’s the proper amount of running per week? Don’t be eager for quick success and instant benefit!

running knee injury is the inherent impression of many people on running. When to raise this question, there is always a debate. However, as early as 2017 research data, the answer to this question has been given.

in June 2017, there was a view in authoritative medical journals that: among amateur runners, only 3.5% of them developed joint inflammation; only 13.3% of professional runners suffered from arthritis; and 10.2% of them were sedentary and unattractive! This data is based on 110000 people.

from this point, we can see that as long as you can run, your joints and ligaments will not be affected under the proper and reasonable arrangement. On the contrary, they can strengthen them and reduce the incidence of joint diseases. Sitting for a long time will lead to greater joint damage!

of course, it is undeniable that running will cause some pressure on the joints of the body. Any exercise is the same, not just running. When you are in the air during running, your lower limbs will bear the reaction force of the ground and increase the pressure on your knee joints.

but what you need to make clear is that it is totally different to cause stress and knee joint injury. On the contrary, running will increase the synovial fluid in the joint and strengthen the related muscles around the joint, which are all good for the joint.

running is also an action participated by the whole body. For our bones, it is also a load-bearing training, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis, not to mention the benefits of cardiopulmonary function!

of course, we should pay attention to a certain degree in everything. As the saying goes, too much running will cause great pressure on the joints and even cause knee injury. Everything is the same, and if you overdo, you will have an accident.

drinking too much water may lead to water poisoning, and long-term staying up late and working overtime may also lead to sudden death, so according to this logic, do not drink water? Don’t you work for money? Obviously not, good control, running for you is no harm!

keep a correct posture. It’s needless to say: keep your body upright, lift your center of gravity, lean forward slightly, swing your arms back and forth, and run briskly with rhythm under your feet.

site conditions: try not to choose a very hard ground to run. If the ground is too hard, you will increase the reaction force when you fall down. Of course, if the conditions are not allowed, choosing a good pair of running shoes will greatly reduce the reaction force on joints during running. Do not choose hard soled shoes to run.

the last is the amount of running: it is impossible to have a fixed standard for all people to use. However, some studies can provide a reasonable upper limit for reference, which is far less than that of ordinary runners. The research suggests that the upper limit of running per week should be 92 km.

the amount of running beyond this value will increase the risk of arthritis. 92 km is the amount that most runners can’t reach every week. Many runners run 3-6 times a week, 5 km each time, only 30 km.

in fact, many people hurt their knees because of running. The main reason is that they are too anxious. You may have a whim to run one day. Before running, you have no sports experience. Sitting for a long time will lead to muscle degradation, posture problems, related joint function may also be weakened, and joint instability will increase.

if you suddenly run and think that the more you run, the better, the risk of injury will be greatly increased, especially for people who are losing weight. They think that the more they run, the thinner they will be, and they will not consider their own physical condition. If their knees are damaged, they will instinctively rely on the running head.

running is not a sport for quick success and instant profit. Although its threshold is very low, there are many aspects you should consider! If you are a new runner, I suggest you: 3-4 times a week, keep 30-60 minutes each time, jogging and running, do not overdo, let your muscles, joints, nerves, stomach, breathing, to adapt to the state of exercise.

the view that running hurts the knee is not tenable. If running causes damage to your knee joint, you should consider whether you exercise too much, whether you maintain a correct posture, whether you have injuries to your joints, and whether you have a large weight.

running is a step-by-step process to gradually improve the exercise intensity. In regular exercise, if you have joint injuries, you are not recommended to use running exercise. You can use sports with relatively weak impact on joints, such as swimming, cycling, etc.

don’t think it’s safe to be lazy and not to exercise. If you don’t exercise all the time, it will do more harm to your body than you think. Proper exercise is definitely good for your health! Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this