Running out of a body injury? Sports medicine expert: these methods avoid injury

Running is a kind of sport that we are all familiar with, but maybe many people don’t pay attention to it when they run. Maybe they just run casually. In fact, it’s unscientific. We still need to pay attention to a certain way of running, do a good job of protection before and after the exercise, to avoid the occurrence of sports injuries as far as possible.

running is actually a very particular sport. First of all, we should have better equipment, including better running shoes. We should also use special running equipment for clothes and trousers. This is better. In addition, when choosing the place to run, it’s better to run on a special track with soft ground. It’s better not to run on hard concrete ground or general road, because the impact on all joints of the body, especially knee joint, is relatively large.

in addition, we need to pay attention to the coordination of running movement, posture and breathing. The better running posture is to lean forward slightly. In addition, you can touch the ground with your toes first, and then conduct it to the ground with your feet. Then, the stride frequency and stride length of this kind of running should also be adjusted according to the individual’s physical conditions, different time and physical conditions. The breathing rate of running must follow the speed of running, which is more scientific. Before running, you should prepare for the activities, and after running, you should stretch and relax the muscles, so that the whole muscle will not be very tired after exercise, so that you can have a better state.

in fact, people are more vulnerable to injury when they exercise in a cold environment. First, when the temperature is relatively low, the human body’s reaction and muscle sensitivity may be lower than normal. In addition, they may wear more clothes in cold weather, and the movement of each joint may be limited and not so flexible. Therefore, these two points together may lead to more damage when the weather is cold.

the second activity is to prepare well before foot exercise. The preparation activity can not only make the body warm up, but also mobilize the sensitivity, sensitivity and enthusiasm, so as to avoid injury in the exercise.

no matter what kind of exercise, we should take protective measures and choose the appropriate amount of exercise to reduce the chance of injury. If the damage happens accidentally, we should also actively deal with it, check it as soon as possible, eliminate some internal damage, and repair the damage as soon as possible. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore