Running performance has not been improved? Because you’re not slow enough!

Hello everyone, here is the running time machine. The main content of this column is to solve the problems often encountered in running, such as how to select equipment? How to recover and prevent injuries? How to prepare for a marathon easily? How to improve your running performance? How to reduce body weight through running and so on, so that we can run scientifically and safely for a long time. < / P > < p > after running for a long time, I sometimes feel that I am in a bottleneck period. Although I train hard every time, I am exhausted, but my marathon performance is not good at all. I feel that my efforts are ineffective and I feel frustrated. < / P > < p > I believe that when many people exercise, the intensity of running is above medium intensity, and they run very tired every time. But in fact, the scientific training should be based on aerobic running, and the proportion of medium and high-intensity training is very small. The proportion of aerobic running and high-intensity running is 8:2. In daily training, aerobic running accounts for 80%, while high-intensity interval running and sprint running only account for 20%. < p > < p > because aerobic running can exercise your basic aerobic endurance and lay a solid foundation for your speed up. It’s like building a high-rise building. If the foundation is firm, the higher the building can be. In recent years, the marathon performance of Japan has been greatly improved. In the events dominated by black athletes, Japanese athletes are making great strides forward. In addition to the importance they attach to running, their training methods are also worth learning. < / P > < p > first of all, we should know that the energy consumed during running comes from the decomposition of sugar and fat. If it is high-intensity exercise, carbohydrate decomposition is dominant; if it is low-intensity aerobic exercise, fat decomposition is dominant. < / P > < p > the amount of sugar in the human body is about 500g, so it is impossible for human beings to maintain high-intensity exercise for a long time; however, people have a lot of fat reserves. If we only rely on fat for energy supply, in theory, we can run for a long time. < / P > < p > the core of cell division running method is to breathe only with nose instead of mouth and nose together. When we only breathe with nose, it shows that the exercise intensity is relatively low and the proportion of fat consumption is high. When we use the mouth and nose to breathe together, it shows that the intensity has come up. At this time, we consume more sugar. < / P > < p > to keep us running for a long time and increase the proportion of energy supplied by fat, we need to maintain the running speed at the intensity of only relying on nose breathing, which is our original running speed. < / P > < p > it’s easy to run 1000 meters. You start running with the intensity of your nose breathing, and then slowly increase your speed. When you’re almost ready to open your mouth to breathe, remember that speed. It’s your original speed. Focus