Russian scientists find new coronavirus new weakness, room temperature water can kill new coronavirus?

Russia’s national virology and Biotechnology Research Center recently shared a new research on new coronavirus, in which an extremely simple method of killing particles related to the new coronavirus was mentioned. Scientists at the research center say they have found a new weakness of the new coronavirus, which is water – just normal warm water, but boiling water works better.

we know that covid-19 is the who’s nomenclature for this epidemic. “Death” should refer to the virus causing covid-19. The international name is SARS coronavirus 2, and the domestic common name is new coronavirus.

according to the researchers, not only can the virus be boiled to death, but even water at room temperature can be cleared over time.

what’s more, the news does use the expression “researchers from the Russian vector National Center for virus and biotechnology have found another important weakness of covid-19: ordinary water.”.

because we know that not only the new coronavirus, but all viruses have a common feature, that is, they are not classic organisms. Only after entering a specific host cell, can they hijack the organelles of host cells for self replication and reproduction, showing some life characteristics.

the so-called inactivation refers to the destruction of virus structure. Even if these damaged virus particles are exposed to the host cells that can be infected, they will no longer have the ability to invade cells and carry out self reproduction.

the reason for this classification is that the two types of viruses have great differences in their ability to “survive” in the environment, while the same type of virus often has similar “survival” ability in the environment. The novel coronavirus, which is the same as the SARS virus and the MERS virus in the Middle East, is the same as the coronavirus, which is the 4 common human coronavirus that causes the common cold. The new crown virus is very similar to the


this is also the reason why the biological characteristics of SARS virus and mers virus used to replace the corresponding characteristics of new coronavirus in various guidelines issued by who and China Health Commission after the outbreak.

for example, norovirus, the most common cause of human diarrhea, is a non enveloped virus, and many disinfectants that can inactivate the enveloped virus can not help it.

that is to say, no matter what virus, as long as it cannot enter a specific host cell for replication and reproduction, it will be “killed” after a long time outside the cell.

scientists found that even in water at room temperature, about 90% of the new coronavirus particles can die within 24 hours, and 99.9% within 72 hours.

on the one hand, this is only a press release, not a publicly published peer-reviewed research paper. We can’t know whether this research really exists or not, and we can’t evaluate the research methods and results.

the key is that there have been studies on the “survival” time of coronavirus in vitro.

although most studies have focused on “non living, dry surfaces,” the aim is to evaluate the potential of the virus to spread through indirect contact.

However, some studies have shown that other coronaviruses, including this new coronavirus, can survive in the natural water environment, including sewage for a long time. Even after 3 or 4 months, the “live” virus particles with infectious ability can still be recovered.

in other words, there has been strong evidence that coronaviruses, including the new coronavirus, can survive for as long as three or four months in natural waters.

“virologists have been working at the forefront of vector research since the new coronavirus research pandemic to develop accurate test kits to check viruses and antibodies, and reduce the number of candidate vaccines to 12 by the end of March.”.

novel coronavirus has been at the forefront of the new coronavirus research since its popularity. It is committed to developing more accurate detection kit for virus and antibody. In March, the number of new crown vaccine candidates was narrowed to more than ten species in March.

to sum up, no matter the new coronavirus, all viruses have the weakness of being killed by room temperature water. This “weakness” is inherent in the virus, but only a matter of time.

first, rospotrebnadzor, Russia’s consumer protection and human well-being supervision agency, submitted to President Putin on Wednesday and released on Thursday. According to the report, through extensive monitoring of coastal seawater, swimming pools, water parks and drinking water sources, through hundreds of tests and analysis, it is confirmed that the virus has no significant risk of water transmission;

second, vecto R was licensed for clinical trials of the new crown vaccine last week and will begin in humans next Monday.

in a word, the news that has been pushed and pushed to be a hot topic of creation is a bad press release, which does not report the real main content, but spreads unreliable rumors. Focus