Russian survey: more than half of Russian women do not want to be housewives

More than half of Russian women don’t want to be housewives, according to a new study by a recruitment website in Russia, the Russian satellite news agency said on the 18th. According to the survey data, 57% of Russian women do not agree to become housewives, even if their husbands’ income allows them not to work. 30% of Russian women are willing to quit to do housework when their husband’s income is high. In response to the survey results, these Russian women said that the significance of work is not only to make money, but also to have an independent attitude towards life. If you give up work, it means that most of the focus of life is on children and husbands, and such a life is easy to get out of touch with society. Russian society once restricted women’s employment in certain industries. Last year, Russia’s Ministry of labor revised the list of prohibited occupations for women, which will become long-distance bus drivers, car repairmen and seamen from 2021. Next