Russia’s divorce rate dropped during the epidemic, Russian experts explained

, during the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the divorce rate of Russians began to decline. In this regard, Russian experts believe that this is because people fear that during the outbreak of a person’s life will not have a sense of security. According to Russian daily 21, a recent survey by Russian experts at marriage registries across the country found that although the divorce rate in many countries increased significantly during the epidemic period, it was much lower than that in the same period last year. In this regard, some experts believe that a series of restrictive measures implemented by the government during the outbreak make it impossible for people to divorce. But Russian psychologist fuming doesn’t think so. In difficult times, marriage can give people a sense of security. In peacetime, both men and women, as long as they have a stable job and money, can live on their own, even more comfortable. However, after the arrival of the new epidemic, Russians began to have a sense of insecurity. People instinctively want to seek security in the family and begin to focus more on family relations. At this time, it will feel that two people are easier to survive than one. For example, if one person is unemployed in an epidemic, the other person is the backup. CUISINE&HEALTH