Say goodbye to the dentist: protect your teeth, refuse bad breath and dental caries! Super oral care dry goods sharing

Recently, half of my left face is swollen. It’s not that I’ve been beaten or allergic to skin care products. It’s just because I have a toothache. Isn’t there a saying among the people that the teeth are the hardest organs in our body. In our human life, there are two groups of teeth, deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. < / P > < p > deciduous teeth: it is the first set of human teeth, a total of 20. It began to sprout from 6 months after birth and grew up to 3 years old. Permanent teeth: the second set of human teeth, a total of 32 teeth. Deciduous teeth usually fall off gradually from about 6 years old, and permanent teeth begin to sprout out to replace deciduous teeth.. The first molars of permanent teeth are usually around 5 years old, and the deciduous teeth have not yet fallen off, that is, they sprout from the outside of the second molar of primary teeth. Except for the third molars, the remaining 28 teeth usually erupt at about 12-14 years old. The third molar erupted later, at the age of 18-30, so it is also called late tooth or wisdom tooth. Some people do not erupt or partially erupt for life. < / P > < p > dentin: dense and hard, forming the main body of the tooth, located in the interior of the tooth; cementum: in the root of the tooth, there is a layer of adhesive; enamel: in the crown surface there is white, bright, hard enamel; enamel calcification is the highest, is the hardest tissue of the human body; dental pulp: the crown cavity and root canal are collectively called dental cavity, and the cavity is full of blood vessels, nerves and lymph The tubes and connective tissue are called dental pulp. < / P > < p > many people say that dental surgery is like cosmetic surgery. Nowadays, the aesthetics of teeth all over the world are basically the same, which is nothing more than “Qi + Bai”. Neat and white teeth really give us bonus points, especially grin!! Moreover, there are many problems with irregular teeth. If it is not easy to clean, it will breed bacteria, resulting in halitosis, dental caries and other problems. However, we should know that our teeth are a little yellowish. For example, most of the big white teeth of stars are made of porcelain fused to metal (PFM), which is very harmful to the teeth. We should do a good job in oral care, and when necessary, go to the hospital to do dental beauty instrument and whitening powder. < / P > < p > toothpaste is the most basic product of oral care. I believe that you have to use many kinds of toothpaste, and there are no less than 10 kinds of Xiaobian. Generally, Shiwang, huawang, kongda and Yunnan Baiyao are commonly used. Shiwang is the most popular one. The formula is Japanese version, which tastes very light and fresh, and has little stimulation to the oral cavity, A tube can also be used for a long time, and there are often good prices in Jingdong station, so the unit price of multiple items is very cost-effective. Toothbrush is a good companion of toothpaste, both of which are indispensable. Toothbrush is generally divided into ordinary toothbrush and electric toothbrush. What basically is not what the main problem is, but the electric toothbrush basically chooses PHILPS, PHILPS has too many models. We must invite professional home appliances to make us popular science:

as the frequency of eating outside the restaurant increases, slobber and oral sprays are gradually developed into use habits. After all, no one is willing to face a person with a tone, especially in social occasions. Slobber is very simple, mostly flavors or essential oils, and is used in combination with surfactants and alcohol. Essence and essential oils are the main ingredients for improving the taste of the mouth. They are bactericidal and disinfectant, while active agents are used for cleaning, moisturizing and so on. < p > < p > floss is also an important tool for cleaning teeth. It is generally divided into dental floss and dental cleaning rod. The use of dental floss is more convenient, but the cleaning effect and cleaning area of dental floss are better, because there are many angles and cleaner, which one to choose is purchased according to demand. < / P > < p > the most important function of the tooth punch is to clean the bacteria and food residue between the teeth and under the gingiva, but can not clean the surface of the teeth. Although the tooth punch can achieve% floss cleaning effect, the best way of oral health care is still toothbrush + floss. But the tooth punch is very friendly for the braces players. Focus