Season skin care: no more mask! This is the right way to change the season: save money

In recent days, the temperature drop is obvious. Yesterday morning, I ran downstairs to play basketball. As a result, I was shivering as soon as I went downstairs. Only then did we realize that autumn has already begun ~ < / P > < p > I feel that 2020 is not so good, and 3 / 4 has passed. As soon as autumn begins, she goes out with her little sisters and grapes yesterday. < / P > < p > when several mothers get together, they can’t avoid chatting about beauty, skin care, planting grass and so on. For example, I was planted with grass for 19.9 yuan for 4 meijiajing hand cream.

used the same foundation on the face, not as good as before, often on the face of dissatisfaction and unloading, repeated several times completely no interest in makeup. Finally, after a long time of hard work, she still went out with all kinds of moths. After half a day, her face began to tense, and sometimes her face began to darken after a little oil. When changing seasons, the skin is prone to various problems because of the rapid change of climate and environment, and the skin can not adapt to the external changes in time.

when it comes to how to skin care during the season, the first reaction of most people is: season skin dry, must apply more mask. But in fact, the season should happen to apply less mask. < / P > < p > in the season changing season, the temperature will decrease, the fluidity of sebum secreted by the skin will be reduced, and the oily feeling on the skin surface will be reduced, and the moisturizing ability of the skin will be poor, which will cause problems such as dryness and peeling.

if you need more mask to replenishment according to the dry skin, the mask can really increase the moisture content of the cuticle rapidly. However, the increase of the hydration capacity of the stratum corneum will also reduce the skin’s self barrier ability, which will lead to the loss of water in the skin, and the external irritants are easier to enter, and finally lead to the emergence of sensitive problems. < / P > < p > the cuticle of skin itself is not lack of water, and the root cause of dryness is the poor moisturizing ability of skin itself. So the best way to improve skin dryness and peeling is to enhance moisturizing.

water absorbing moisturizing ingredients: glycerol, propylene glycol, panalcohol and so on; keratinocyte filling ingredients: ceramide, cholesterol, etc.; closed components: such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, mineral fat, silicone oil and so on; product selection can be selected with B5, ceramide, bile sterols and other components of moisturizing essence, active ingredients can penetrate into the skin stratum corneum to seize moisture. To reduce water loss. On the other hand, ceramide and cholesterol can help to fill the gap between skin cells and help to consolidate the barrier.

of course, moisturizing cream is better than face cream and facial oil. You can replace moisturizing cream with collocation, or use facial oil and cream to improve moisturizing. Excessive cleaning of

results in loss of sebum and thinning of stratum corneum. Moisture loss of skin results in loss of moisture and nutrients in the skin, barrier damage caused by UV stimulation, excessive use of mask and excessive skin care. The skin barrier ability of sensitive muscle itself is poor, and the defense ability of skin to external stimulation is reduced. Therefore, the first thing to do is to reduce the stimulation. < / P > < p > reduce sebum membrane damage and prevent cuticle thinning through mild cleaning; reduce the loss of moisture and nutrients in the skin by enhancing moisturizing; reduce the damage of ultraviolet radiation on skin barrier by enhancing sunscreen; reduce the use of effective ingredients to reduce the damage of active ingredients penetration on skin barrier. That’s how to reduce irritation. < / P > < p > promote repair; in fact, moisturizing itself is a method of repair. Of course, it is more important to use ingredients containing ceramide, cholesterol and linoleic acid to promote barrier repair. < / P > < p > gentle cleaning; we have said many times about the importance of cleaning in preventing acne. Mild cleaning is not only to protect the barrier, but also to prevent excessive penetration of surfactants affecting keratin metabolism. On the other hand, excessive cleaning can also lead to damaged skin barrier and excessive oil production. Improvement of diet and living habits; although I am a southerner, I can hardly remember the customs in the south when I was a child living in the north. As soon as the northerners arrive in autumn, everyone begins to shout “stick autumn fat”. Anyway, all kinds of high calorie foods are on the stage. < / P > < p > I wonder if you have paid attention to the impact of your diet and living habits on your skin. In the past year or two, I have noticed that as long as you eat sweet food, dairy products and high-fat food, it is easy to get acne or dark skin. Therefore, in order to avoid skin evil, it is better to control the point ~ < / P > < p > to increase the moisturizing ability of the base makeup; I have recommended facial oil before, and also mentioned the use and collocation of facial oil. In fact, it’s really convenient to have a noodle oil during the season change. When skin care moisturizing is not enough, it can be matched with facial oil, and if the base makeup is not comfortable enough, it can also be matched with facial oil. < / P > < p > apply 1-2 drops of facial oil in the base make-up to make it more oily. When touching the skin, it is easy to push away and make it more comfortable.

increases skin moisturizing capacity; when it comes to moisturizing skin, many people will add a lot of essence lotion or cream before the bottom makeup, which will superimpose sunscreen and makeup before the result. < / P > < p > in fact, if the primer is too heavy, it will cause the base makeup not to fit. Before Mr. Mao Geping made up for Mr. Xu, he also said: the base make-up should be as light as possible, so as to be more comfortable.

do skin care at night and moisturize with face cream or facial oil when you are skin care at night. Collocation moisturizing makeup before milk; if I need makeup now, morning skin care is a vitamin C essence + water moisturizing makeup milk. Vitamin C essence has antioxidant effect, and at the same time, it has certain anti ultraviolet ability. The follow-up does not need sunscreen, on the one hand, can make up more comfortable, also can avoid rub mud problem. < / P > < p > with moisturizing type of make-up milk, appropriate increase in the moisture content of the cuticle, can also make the bottom makeup more comfortable. Of course, I’ll use hard sunscreen later. If you don’t like hard sunscreen, this method may not be suitable for you. < / P > < p > OK, the above is today’s content, I hope it can help you ~ my name is Miya, if you want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, please remember to praise and pay attention to ~= target=_ blank>08/16/2020