Second birth more painful than the first? Obstetrician: it may be caused by these six reasons

During the chat, the other party shared with me her experience of giving birth to two children. When she gave birth to the eldest child, she was delivered by caesarean section. When the second child was born, she had no choice but to have another cesarean section. She thought that she could be as smooth as the eldest child, but when she gave birth to the second child, she felt so painful that she could not help but sigh: “it’s really unforgettable years.”. < / P > < p > usually when giving birth to a first child, after the operation, the maternal first pays attention to the newborn baby. Therefore, the maternal’s attention does not pay attention to herself. Seeing that the baby is healthy and lovely, she immediately becomes full of maternal love. However, when she has a second child, the newborn baby has no fresh feeling for the lying in woman. Therefore, the focus will start to take care of herself, so she is in a good mood It’s more painful to have one than to have two. < / P > < p > because the first birth is a caesarean section, the body has been injected with anesthetic once. When the anesthetic is injected again, the body’s tolerance to the anesthetic will be enhanced, and sometimes a certain degree of drug resistance will be produced. Therefore, the effect of the anesthetic will also decrease. It is more painful for a pregnant mother to have a second birth than to give birth to one. For example, when I gave birth to my baby, I had a natural birth. In the delivery room, I didn’t feel how painful the contractions were. I just wanted to finish the birth quickly. < / P > < p > the sensitivity to pain is different, which leads to the different feeling of each puerpera after cesarean section. In addition, the physical condition and age of the pregnant mother at the time of giving birth to a second child are usually not as good as those when giving birth to one child. Therefore, they also feel that it is more painful to give birth to a second child. < / P > < p > usually, when a second child is born by caesarean section, the doctor cuts the knife again at the original incision. Moreover, the doctor also needs to remove the scar at the original knife edge, which leads to the wound of the second fetus being larger than that of the first, so the pain will be stronger in the postpartum recovery period. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother has abdominal adhesions during the first cesarean section, the doctor should also peel off the adhesive tissues and organs after cutting open seven layers of skin tissue in the second cesarean section, so as to avoid damage to the adhesive tissues and organs. This not only increases the difficulty of cesarean section, but also affects the postoperative recovery and the action time of anesthetics It caused more pain in the wound after operation. < / P > < p > after a cesarean section, the uterus is no longer intact, and the surface of the uterus has formed scars. In the process of giving birth to a second child, the uterus is enlarged again. The intensity of uterine contraction after childbirth needs to be greater to restore the previous state. Therefore, the pain of uterine contraction during the second birth is stronger than that of the first. < / P > < p > the above six points may lead to more pain when having a second child by caesarean section than giving birth to one. In addition to these, postpartum pressure on the stomach and promotion of lochia excretion will also aggravate the postpartum pain. After one birth, the puerpera needs a recovery period of 2-3 years to prepare for pregnancy again. 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