Second child attack in the middle of the night, but only the baby waiting outside the delivery room, Dabao’s words are heartbreaking

For any family, the birth of a child is a happy thing. After pregnancy, women’s body will appear a variety of changes, this time need to be around the family to give special care. However, in real life, many pregnant mothers can not get warm care during pregnancy. Ms. Wang was pregnant with a second child. She had a sudden attack in the middle of the night. There was no other person in the family. Ms. Wang was also worried about leaving her eldest daughter at home alone. She could only call 120 and take her daughter to the hospital all the time.

when she arrived at the hospital, Ms. Wang was quickly pushed into the delivery room by the medical staff. Her eldest daughter did not cry or make any noise. She sat on the bench outside the delivery room and waited for her mother. Later, when Ms. Wang’s birth was over, the nurses needed other family members to go through the follow-up procedures, but only Ms. Wang’s eldest daughter was outside. Because it was a second child, Ms. Wang’s birth was very smooth, and the time was not long. The nurses thought that they would have family members coming to visit after a while, but after two or three hours, no family members came to see Ms. Wang.

after childbirth, Ms. Wang was still a little weak, so the nurse first went to ask the eldest daughter where the family were. However, the eldest daughter said with a sad face, “only I can accompany my mother. My father is busy. Grandma says it’s too late. She will go to bed and come back tomorrow morning.” Hearing this, the nurse was very frightened. But Ms. Wang’s face is clear, said that her first birth is a daughter, mother-in-law has always had opinions. Later, she was pregnant with a second child. She thought that life would be better, but her husband was more and more indifferent to her.

besides, there was no difference in pregnancy reaction between Ms. Wang and her first daughter after she had a second child. Therefore, her mother-in-law felt that Ms. Wang must have conceived a girl in this one. So nearly 10 months pregnant, her mother-in-law did not give Ms. Wang any good face, did not take care of Ms. Wang, and did not like her granddaughter. Ms. Wang also said that after her eldest daughter was born, her mother-in-law hardly took care of her. When she was in confinement, Ms. Wang held her daughter by herself and fell ill with the disease. Her wrists still ache up to now.

fortunately, her daughter is sensible. After Ms. Wang is pregnant with her second child, her daughter will take the initiative to help Ms. Wang do simple housework to reduce her burden. Seeing her daughter so sensible, Ms. Wang was very distressed. Ms. Wang knows that her mother-in-law values boys over girls, so she also hopes to have a boy for the second child. Although she does not have the idea of son preference, she hopes that the birth of her son can ease the relationship between her mother-in-law and make the family relationship more integrated.

when she saw Ms. Wang awake, her eldest daughter was very happy to come to her and looked at Ms. Wang’s newly born brother. Looking at Ms. Wang and her two children, the nurse felt that the family was too complicated and worried about the little girl’s future life. In fact, the idea of valuing men over women exists in many families, especially some old-fashioned old people who have great obsession with their grandchildren.

but the contemporary social ideology is very open, and equality between men and women is also a common thing, whether men or women should be valued. Children will also feel the attitude of their families towards them. If girls feel that they are not liked and valued, they will form inferiority complex, which will have a great impact on children’s life. On the contrary, if a boy is praised by heaven since childhood, it is easy to form a self-centered personality, high-profile and low handed, and finally become a gnawing old people.

However, we should know that both boys and girls are the most important achievements in their parents’ life. Parents’ attitude directly determines how much their children will be rewarded in the future. Parents’ indifferent attitude not only affects children’s growth, but also makes family relations indifferent and dim. Why not open your mind, learn to accept and return children to a warm family. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!