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When encountering the problem of fat granules, we should simply judge whether it is the pot of eye cream by simply “using the eye cream to grow fat granules, and then the fat particles will disappear after stopping”. In terms of experience, it is more likely that it is caused by the disturbance of synthetic ester contained in the eye cream. So avoid eye creams that contain the above ingredients and you don’t need to worry.

eye care is be inopportune or inappropriate except for eye cream, eye essence, eye mask and so on. It is just like the face cream may be out of season in summer. But essence and mask are still used very well. ~

muscle is not a dermatological theory. It is a concept created by commercial homonyms based on the “base layer”. It is an adjective in the skin care industry. We can understand that the brand is to express the meaning of a skin care concept of maintaining living cells under the cuticle.

the appearance of periocular dullness is usually accompanied by the relaxation of eye skin and the deepening of wrinkles; swollen eye blebs and vascular dark circles are old CP, which often harm the students’ Party and 25 + urban residents who stay up late. In contrast, dry eye lines that only need to be hydrated seem to be just a little fuss on the eye skin ~

is not a bad idea. Lazy people want to resist the skin around the eyes for a long time The collocation of eye care products can be selected, but the effect of all aspects may be reduced. Mature age muscles are careful. ~

, if you are a 25~30 year old crowd, you can choose different eye care products to mix and match, especially those that focus on black eye circles. Try to choose the function overlap is not high to match, in order to better play their strengths, common achievement high efficiency maintenance.

we must recognize the fact that organisms are naturally aging. Just like a used car, no matter how well you maintain it, it is impossible to be as new as it is just produced.

, but we can’t let people get old and let things go away. Even if we know that we will be old, we still strive to do well in anti-aging means. Eventually, there will be “diligence and maintenance, and youth in the same age”. It is very normal to appear fine lines at

30 years old. There is no need to worry too much. It is recommended that we keep doing routine maintenance. In particular, we should try to dilute it. We should try to improve the content of A alcohol, A ester essence or medical beauty.

luxurious texture, containing French alfalfa extract and peptide technology, reduces smooth fine lines and tightens eye contour. The addition of the extract of the extract of the Chinese chestnut saponin promotes eye microcirculation and dilute the dark circles. Fragrance free, also suitable for sensitive and delicate muscles.

this is a bottle of eye cream for young people. It is a necessary product to fight against the first-time aging. Lock in the aging phenomenon caused by oxidation and computer blue light, and attack in a full effect way. High concentration of Bifidobacterium lysate can easily deal with the skin problems around the eyes of urban beauties.

light beige milky texture, eyes and lips deep moisturizing formula, a touch of deep moisturizing. Use a variety of plant extracts to combat behavioral aging, that is, smoking, staying up late, stress and other aging. Combined with active yeast and soy protein, it can give skin abundant nutrition. It is suitable for women of all skin types with loose eyes and lips, thick lines and frequent business trips.

it contains high concentration of Albizzia julibrissin bark extract and semen siegesbeckii extract, which can maximally reduce the dark circles and poor circulation around the eyes, and promote the regeneration of collagen. Combined with avocado fruit fat, Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein, cardamom seed extract, replenish skin antioxidant, nutrition and moisturizing elements.

remove all kinds of eye problems. In order to reduce wrinkles, high concentration of bosein should be poured into the dermis to activate and regenerate the dermis. With aescin, it can promote the microcirculation around the eyes, and match with Jojoba esters and shea butter. The texture of the

smoothed cream is mainly based on the Shiseido family antiaging roots, the tea leaves and the Chlorella vulgaris. Combined with high-quality oil, phytosterol, acetylated sodium hyaluronate, squalane to construct the moisturizing elements of the water, nourish the eye, focus on fading the fine lines and wrinkles of the eyes

the texture is moist, soft and smooth, like ice cream, and is not sticky or greasy after application. It contains glucosyl hesperidin and caffeine, which can promote blood circulation. It can effectively improve the poor blood circulation around the eyes and improve the vascular dark circles. Intercellular lipid complex and 10% shea butter can moisturize and moisten the dry eye, consolidate the cuticle barrier, and reduce the long-term penetration of moisture and external irritants.

strong herbal fragrance of ginseng, giving people a sense of soothing and healing. Chinese herbal medicine is used to promote blood circulation around the eyes and reduce wrinkles. Purslane and ginsenoside are used to relieve inflammation. Focus