self-examination! These 174 masks are not qualified, or increase the risk of infection!

Recently, the Guangdong provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau carried out the quality supervision and random inspection of non-medical masks in Guangdong Province. The quality of 653 types of non-medical masks produced by 579 enterprises in Guangdong Province was supervised and spot checked, involving 21 cities in the province.

after inspection, 174 products produced by 160 enterprises were found to be unqualified. Unqualified items mainly include: filtration efficiency, protective effect, bacterial filtration efficiency, breaking strength of mask belt and the joint between mask belt and mask body, headband, ventilation resistance, microorganism, etc.

if the item is unqualified, the mask may not be able to effectively filter the suspended particulate matter in the air, which greatly increases the risk of illness or infection of users.

this spot check determined that the protective effect items of 73 products were unqualified. This project is mainly to examine the leakage of the filter material and its periphery, the breathing valve and the joints of various components.

if the item is unqualified, bacteria and dust may enter the nasal cavity through the mask parts or from the gap between the mask and the face, thus reducing the protective performance of the mask.

this spot check determined that the bacterial filtration efficiency items of 17 products were unqualified. The project is mainly to assess the filtration ability of the mask body to bacteria suspended particles.

if the item is unqualified, the wearer may be directly exposed to pathogens and PM2.5 environment, which greatly increases the risk of disease or infection of the wearer.

this spot check determined that the breaking strength of the mask belt and the joint between the mask belt and the mask body was unqualified, and the strength value of the mask belt and the connection force value of the connection between the mask belt and the mask body were assessed.

this spot check determined that the head band items of 12 products were unqualified. This project mainly evaluates the strength value of headband and the connecting force between headband and mask body.

usually, the product registration number will be marked on the outer package of more regular medical surgical masks. The numbering rules are: X machine registration + registration year + 264 + number.

if it shows that it is a medical surgical mask / medical protective mask, it can be safely used. If it does not contain the words “medical surgery”, such as “disposable non-woven medical mask”, “disposable medical mask”, “general medical mask”, etc., which do not contain the words of surgery, they are not included in the medical surgical masks recommended by the government, and medical treatment does not represent surgical treatment.

the second is the production standard. The production standard of medical protective masks is gb19083-2010, the standard number of medical surgical masks is y0469-2011, and other anti haze standards are gb2626-2006. Generally, industrial protective masks are enough to prevent droplets.

Beijing Consumer Association has given the following 3M mask line. M mask has no peculiar smell. Only activated carbon mask has light smell of activated carbon, and rubber belt has no smell.

} comparison of true and false masks: the left false and right line m masks are all printed by laser, and the printing traces are inclined at a 45 degree angle, while fake products are printed with ink, and there are often traces of uneven ink. To be specific, the genuine 3M mask model is laser etched with stripes, while the fake mask model is printed font with round dot shape. In addition, the flow code on the surface of the genuine mask is the same as that on the packaging box, while the flow code of the fake product is printed and cannot be corresponding to the flow code of the packaging box.

the Beijing Consumer Association pointed out that the La logo and QS certification were not printed on the box, but two small labels. For non domestic masks, as long as they come in formally, they must have La certification. Domestic masks, whether for domestic use or for export, must have QS and La certification.

identification line mask, at first glance, there are ink printed dots, and it is not necessarily a fake. But if there are only dots and no twill, it must be a fake. Consumers can call 12315 to report. If there are dots and twills, it can be basically determined that there is a mark on the package box that can be distinguished by naked eyes, that is, the laser anti-counterfeiting label on the package box, the real mouth Cover, the red and black parts will become the same red at a certain angle, and the white parts will turn light blue at a certain angle. The fake mask logo will not change color. And “3M” printing has no obvious concave and convex feeling.

in addition to the official identification methods for 3M masks, there are also many methods for judging 3M masks from details on the Internet. However, due to the different quality control efforts of mask construction period in light and peak seasons, the following methods are only used as auxiliary reference.

in terms of packaging, the most obvious difference between genuine and fake masks is color. The text color of fake masks is darker, and there is no transparency. The packaging color of real masks is dark gray, which has a certain degree of transparency.

packaging can directly identify whether it is true or not. At the same time, packaging is also the most easy part to counterfeit. If the package cannot be judged as true or false, the next step is to look at the anti-counterfeiting logo.

non domestic masks, as long as they are formally imported, must have La certification. Domestic masks, whether for domestic use or for export, must have QS and La certification.

after judging the package, the next step is to judge the anti-counterfeiting logo on the mask. The color of the genuine and fake logo is basically the same. If you observe it directly, you can hardly judge whether it is true or not, but if you compare it carefully, you will find subtle differences.

the words of “safety protection” in the real logo are more detailed, and the logo of the shield is more three-dimensional. On the whole, it is more refined than the false logo, especially the number. This is a very important identification point to judge whether the mask is true or not.

for the words used on the mask, the words on the real mask are clearer and more obvious. Whether it is in bold or thin type, the English font is arranged in the form of stripes, while the words of the false mask will be blurred, and the English font is not correct.

the pressure hole of the false mask is relatively thick and shallow, and the edge is very thin, while the pressure hole of the real mask is smaller and deeper, and the edge is relatively thick, so the difference can be clearly seen.

if you buy a 3M mask with a breathing valve, you can judge by the depression on the breathing valve. The real breathing valve adopts injection molding process, leaving a depression. HEALTHY LIFE