Seven days after birth, the 11 Jin baby never opened his eyes. The doctor’s words made the whole family happy

Every pregnant woman hopes that her baby can be healthy and healthy, so during pregnancy, the family will give pregnant women a variety of nutritious food to increase the nutrition of pregnant women and fetus. However, pregnant women don’t say how long they eat is good, and the bigger the fetus is, the healthier the baby is. Otherwise, it will cause great harm to pregnant women and fetus.

Xiaoya is 26 years old this year. She is cheerful and lively. She is good at everything, but she has one problem, that is, she loves to eat and can’t be free for a moment. She works as a civil servant in the company, and her work is relatively easy. She can find all kinds of snacks on her desk.

after pregnancy, Xiaoya may not be able to control herself. She always eats a lot. Relatives and neighbors around her advise her to eat less. Otherwise, it will be you who suffer from the fetal enlargement. But where does Xiaoya listen to such words, I eat more, the child’s nutrition can keep up, the baby will be a big fat boy, Xiaoya’s weight has soared to 200 Jin,

in a twinkling of an eye, October pregnancy, one day delivery, unknowingly, Xiaoya’s due date has arrived, Xiaoya has done a detailed examination in the delivery room, the examination shows that the baby in the small belly weighs 11 Jin, equivalent to the weight of two or three babies, the doctor also told us that it can be delivered naturally, but pregnant women may have to suffer a little bit.

Xiaoya said with confidence that for the sake of a healthy baby’s birth, what should I be punished for? Xiaoya was very smooth in the whole process. Because the fetal size was too large and the fetal position was not very correct, it took a long time to give birth. It took nearly 7 hours. Xiaoya regretted to die. During the production process, she cried out with pain, and all the doctors present laughed.

because of the natural birth, Xiaoya was discharged from the hospital in less than 4 days, but on the third day after discharge, Xiaoya came to the hospital with her baby in her arms. The baby didn’t open her eyes on the third day after discharge, but she was checked well before discharge. So the family was very worried, so she took the baby back to the hospital. After the doctor’s examination, the doctors all laughed and said, “treasure Bao is very healthy, the baby does not open his eyes, because the baby is too fat, face accumulation of meat is too much, so delayed the baby’s eye opening time, tell the family not to worry.

Pregnant Women’s obesity has a great impact on production, and it is easy to have dystocia. The reason is that pregnant women are too fat, which leads to pelvic fat accumulation, and the pelvic space becomes smaller. Obese pregnant women’s fetuses are also huge children, so they will lead to dystocia. On the other hand, if obese pregnant women in cesarean section, will cause great difficulty to the process of caesarean section, will also easily cause postpartum infection.

obesity of pregnant women during pregnancy can easily lead to the occurrence of hypertension, and even more seriously, the risk of pregnancy toxemia. Obese pregnant women are not only easy to cause diseases, but also have a high risk of miscarriage, which will affect the healthy development of the fetus and newborn.

the children born to obese pregnant women are about 10 points lower than those of normal pregnant women, and the investigation shows that if a pregnant woman is too obese, her children are likely to suffer from ADHD.

after pregnancy, pregnant mothers must go to the hospital regularly for pregnancy check-up, especially for obese pregnant women, because the fetal complications of obese pregnant women are much higher than that of ordinary people. Therefore, regular pregnancy examination can detect problems early, so early detection and early treatment can effectively ensure the safety of mother and child.

in the late stage of pregnant women, the stomach will slowly grow with the fetus, and the body will also appear swollen. Pregnant women will not be able to move. Especially obese pregnant women, they always want to lie down for a while. Such pregnant women will bring great trouble to natural labor because of the abnormal fetal position or slow opening of the uterine orifice. Therefore, whether pregnant women are obese or normal, they should spend more time in pregnancy Exercise more.

Adzuki’s message: pregnant women should pay attention to their own diet during pregnancy. They can eat less and more meals, which can protect the healthy development of pregnant women and their fetus.

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