Seven days after his birth, Nanbao, who weighs 11 Jin, never opened his eyes. After the hospital examination, the whole family was happy

I believe that every pregnant mother’s heart is extremely happy, because the arrival of the baby not only means that the family is about to usher in new members, but also means the witness of parents’ love. Therefore, the importance of children is indescribable. Therefore, the health problems of the baby during pregnancy are a big problem. In addition to some common problems during pregnancy, we should also pay attention to the body of the baby and the pregnant mother Heavy good control, this is more conducive to the health of the baby and mother, let’s take a look at this example.

Xiao Li is a civilian worker. She likes to eat more. Before she is pregnant, she can find all kinds of snacks at any time! After pregnancy, she still can’t stop Xiao Li from eating so much. Many people remind her to eat less, otherwise the fetus is too big and it’s not easy to give birth when she is born! Xiao Li is not serious, less than 25 years old, weight has reached 140 Jin! I have to say, Xiao Li’s husband is also a foodie. From the aspect of body shape, they are very well matched! Pregnancy reaction does not seem to affect Xiaoli, in addition to the slight nausea, Xiaoli’s appetite is still very good, often in the circle of friends drying a variety of delicious food!

in October of pregnancy, Xiaoyue is about to usher in the expected delivery period. The examination shows that the baby in Xiaoli’s belly has about 11 Jin, which is much bigger than the average baby. She can give birth naturally, but she has to suffer a bit of crime! The whole process of delivery was relatively smooth, but it took too long. It took 10 hours. Xiao Li cried out in pain and regretted it. The doctors all laughed! Due to the natural birth, Xiaoli was discharged 3 days after delivery. Only 4 days after discharge, Xiaoli came to the hospital again. It turned out that after 4 days of discharge, the baby did not open her eyes, but all the examinations were normal when she was discharged from the hospital. The whole family was worried about it! After a check-up, the doctors all laughed, the baby did not have any problems, the doctor can only explain that because the baby is too heavy, too much facial meat, delayed the baby’s eye opening time.

in fact, pregnant mothers should pay close attention to and control their own weight during pregnancy. Here’s to popularize relevant knowledge.

first of all, it affects fetal development. More and more studies show that the weight of expectant mothers is too fat, which will have a profound impact on the development of the fetus. Although the reasons are not clear, in clinical observation, scientists found that pregnant women’s obesity may affect the cognitive ability and sports ability of the fetus and baby. This may be due to the influence of obesity on hormone secretion in the body. At the same time, mothers with excessive body fat may encounter problems during pregnancy when they have four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination. Finally, medical research also shows that obesity during pregnancy may also affect the life span of a child. If the mother is obese, the aging degree of the baby’s birth cells will be 5-10 years older physically.

the range of weight gain during pregnancy recommended by the American Academy of medicine is: normal weight women increase by 11.5-16.0 kg, overweight women by 7.0-11.5 kg, and obese women by 5.0-9.0 kg Kg, whether the body weight during pregnancy exceeds the standard, we need to consider not only the basic weight of the pregnant mother before pregnancy, but also the weight growth of each stage of pregnancy. Therefore, we should pay attention not only to the weight, but also to “how fast to get fat”, so that we can adjust the diet reasonably in advance of the weight.

the answer is that if you want to be thin, you must eat meat first. This is because you need to supplement many trace elements such as protein, dietary fiber and iron during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers often feel hungry, and most of them like to eat sweets. This kind of eating habit takes in a lot of sugar and calories, but there may not be much protein. If they are hungry, they will eat some meat, and a small amount can solve the hunger. Moreover, iron in red meat is essential for the baby. Your name will always exist on the Internet