Several types of pregnant women are more likely to suffer from “pubic pain”, pregnant mother do not be careless, can avoid as far as possible

It is said that it is natural for women to have children. But if you have witnessed the process from giving birth to giving birth to their children, you must not dare to make such comments again. In addition to dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness during pregnancy, they are also nervous, cranky, legs cramped and lower limbs swollen. The key is pubic pain.

the pubis is the two bones in front of the pelvis. When a woman enters pregnancy, the two bones will separate slightly. In general, this kind of inconspicuous pain can be ignored for women with great endurance, but as the fetus continues to grow, the fetus will enter the pelvis and prepare to be born. At this time, the classification of pubic bone will become more and more serious, until the pregnant mother has a sense of tearing. Especially in sports, when turning over the body, this kind of pain is often unbearable to women, even some pregnant mothers have the idea of suicide.

of course, not all pregnant mothers are “targeted” by pubic pain. But there are 5 types of pregnant women should be careful, a little careless, you may be on the move.

therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, women must have an examination, explain their situation with the doctor, get pregnant under the guidance of doctors, and try their best to avoid the pain of shame bone pain, which will bring pain to themselves during pregnancy.

it’s not hard to understand that twins or multiple births occupy more space in the mother’s stomach, and the pregnant mother also has to bear more weight. Therefore, the degree of pubic bone separation is greater, and the pain is more intense.

this kind of pregnant mother’s pain is very difficult to be relieved by external forces. Therefore, family members must pay more attention to this kind of pregnant mother, and try to give them psychological support and strength, and more care and understanding.

in addition, if the pregnant mother is especially able to eat, and if the fetus is accidentally turned into a giant baby, the risk of pubic pain of the pregnant mother will continue to increase. Therefore, it is very important to eat reasonably during pregnancy.

some pregnant mothers are thin and small. For them, pubic pain will become “wind and rain” with the increase of pregnancy, which is not easy to avoid, because they are born with small and narrow pelvis. If the fetus is a little bigger, their pubic bone will be separated obviously, and the natural pain will be more serious.

However, it is not wise to diet blindly and control weight. It is better to control the weight of fetus scientifically with the help of doctors. By contrast, it is much wiser.

women who work hard during pregnancy are not only at risk of miscarriage, but also at risk of pubic pain. Therefore, it is not recommended that women are still in the state of overworked work and housework during pregnancy. Focus