Shampoo with skin care essence, prevent off and smell well, and improve the temperament of the whole person after the soft hair.

I went to a friend’s wedding not long ago. When the couple was asked how to know each other, the bridegroom said with a shy smile: “her long hair is very beautiful. The crowd can’t help but look at it more, and then they have the courage to talk to each other.”

‘s faint blue wind bell is stored in many more dense hair. It is more durable than perfume spray on the body. Once washed, there is a fragrance around 24 hours.

is as like as two peas, Zuma, who is just like the perfume queen. The bottle of Zuma’s perfume is about 1000 yuan. It’s like the perfume of the queen of the perfume industry, the name of the dragon. The 50ml perfume is just like a thousand yuan.

ordinary shampoo is simply a little bit of flavour, and the same as perfume, it has genuine perfume essential oil, which is highly distributed by a professional perfumer.

pre tune is a blue wind bell that is popular among thousands of people. It is sweet and not greasy. It is clear and not cold. It is as pure and touching as the girl next door. The middle persimmon is accompanied by honey peach, which gives off the fruit fragrance and is very tempting. After

, the White Musk has a long lasting fragrance. With the characteristics of hair and aroma, it can not help but see you when you smell it. However, it uses sodium methylcocooyl taurine, an amino acid imported from France, which is milder than the amino acids we usually use to wash our face. < / P > < p > this ingredient is usually used in large brand cleansing and infant isothermal products, and its price is 5 times higher than that of ordinary amino acids, and ordinary brands can’t afford to use it.

can squeeze out a lot of dense foam just by pressing a pump. They can directly clean the scalp hair follicles, take away excess oil and dirty things, maintain the water and oil balance of the scalp, and reduce the growth of the scalp. < / P > < p > before, my hair tail was very hairy and often forked. It was particularly easy to knot. I couldn’t comb it when I washed my hair. But I could comb it to the end every time with it. It was really smooth. Phosphatidylcholine is an indispensable nutrient for the scalp. Once it is deficient, it will not only lose hair, but also easily grow white hair. Enough lecithin can rejuvenate the scalp cells, make the hair shiny and reduce hair loss. < / P > < p > I used to dye and perm my hair. My hair was badly damaged, bifurcated and hairy. It was boring in the morning, and I couldn’t help it if I didn’t wash it again.

checked the ingredients to know that, in addition to its 6 nutrient essence, it also added many essential oils from avocado, ginseng root, black pepper, geranium, etc. < / P > < p > after washing the hair and smearing it, a protective film can be formed on the surface of the hair, providing nutrition for the growth of the hair root. The hair is very glossy after use and is not easy to split and break. < / P > < p > shampoo and conditioner do not add any functional chemicals, pH value is 6.0, close to the weak acidity of human skin, mild and no stimulation, even pregnant women and children can use it at ease. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here