Shandong 67 year old maternal natural pregnancy, daughter opposed: give birth to a child, we cut off the relationship

Having children is a process that we all need to go through and a milestone in our life. For many of us, children are our hope and the future of a family.

Moreover, women are born with the mission of procreation, and they shoulder the future of a family. They have to breed children for the family, so as to ensure the rise and fall of a family.

However, due to physical reasons, women’s childbearing age is still limited by the body. If they are too old or too young to give birth, it is a kind of damage to the body and not good for the children.

as we all know, China used to be a very feudal and man oriented country. In the past, women’s social status was not high, and they were even regarded as “tool men”.

in ancient times, dignified and influential women were used as “tools” to make peace or to win over relatives. In times of famine, women were “sold cheaply” and became “tools” for parents to exchange food.

so at that time, women got married early. Some of them were sold as “child brides” at the age of 12 or 13, or had children at the age of 15 or 16. If they were 17 or 18, they would become old girls.

we haven’t experienced that era, so we can’t criticize it, and we can’t look at the problem from the current social perspective, but we can clearly know that if women give birth too early, it will cause great damage to their body. That’s why many women have dystocia when giving birth, and most of the time it is caused by physical reasons.

an elderly woman in Shandong Province is an example. At the age of 67, she got pregnant naturally. At first, she thought she was ill. Later, she got B-ultrasound and found out she was pregnant.

at the beginning, pregnant women didn’t want to. After all, pregnancy at this age is too painful. It’s totally different from the first and second child when they were young.

However, the husband insisted that his wife give birth to a child. During pregnancy and during all kinds of examinations during pregnancy, the couple’s daughter did not show up at all. Even when they learned that the mother was pregnant, they said to the mother: if we have a child, we will break the relationship.

Third Sister: it’s troublesome for the children above. Should the eldest child get married? Are you two going to raise your own children or your own children after 100 years? They are irresponsible and selfish.

Baidu user: I’m about to ask my children to support me. What do you think about having another child? When children grow up, it’s time for you not to be able to do it. Isn’t it a trouble for the older children.

can’t it be without a name: I think it’s irresponsible to be born like this! Money is not worry, but raising children is not the most expensive money, is energy ah! Not to mention that at the beginning, children have no regular work and rest, and children are easy to get sick when they are young. Young people can’t bear to stay up all night, not to mention the elderly who are nearly 70? As children grow up, their energy can’t be ignored. They will go to school in the future. It’s understandable that children have families and grandchildren.

the housekeeper of the grass Grower: parents love their children, but they have far-reaching plans. Whether you love your son or not, you should at least love yourself and think about it in the long run. Let’s put aside the saying that when we are not able to move and want to go out, no matter how much pension we have, we can’t spend it.

K2 Xuannv: what does the old lady think of giving birth to a child? Those who speak highly of the place, is even more interesting, I just say: not all life is willing to come to this world! Think about the future, there are a lot of unknown, there are a lot of bad!

in fact, many netizens still hold different views, but most of them are against it, because many people think that this is not the greatness of maternal love, but the selfishness of maternal love.

However, if an elderly woman wants to have a child, she still has to consider many things. First of all, she has to consider her own body. Pregnancy is a hard work, and young couples can’t bear it. Is it allowed to have a baby when they are old?

secondly, we need to consider our own children. For example, this aunt, her daughter has children of her own and a younger brother than her own. Can her daughter accept it?

Finally, we need to consider for the newly born child. At the age of 67, it’s a problem whether we can take care of the child or not, that is, when the child grows up and becomes an adult. Can we take care of the child again when the child is 20 years old?

I can answer your questions about children’s psychology, education, personality and other aspects. I hope my suggestions can help you and make every baby grow up healthily. 08/16/2020