She is known as the “Chinese hip God”, whose figure is not inferior to the Kardashian sisters, and is known as the most beautiful fitness post-90s

Nowadays, fitness has become an all-round exercise. Some people keep fit to lose weight, some people keep fit to build up their body and build up their body. However, many people find various excuses to give up halfway because of their lack of self-discipline. They even apply for fitness cards and ask for private education. Finally, they give up after a few days. However, those with strict self-management ability tend to stick to it all the time, and most of them have an enviable figure. For example, song Yuxin, a famous Internet star, is one of them. < p > < p > as a fitness expert, song Yuxin became popular on the Internet because of her fitness photos on the social networking platform. Born in 1994, she was only 25 years old. At a young age, she had an enviable good figure, especially her distinctive beautiful buttocks. She was known as “Chinese version of Kardashian”. Her story is very inspiring. At the age of 17, she began to fall in love with yoga. After that, I started to work out and really fell in love with fitness. At the same time, at the age of 23, she became the CEO of the company by starting her own business. In October of the same year, she married Deng Zihang, her boyfriend, who is also a fitness expert. From then on, she completely stepped onto the peak of her life. However, the most discussed topic is about her fitness. You know, she is the first goddess of fitness in China. Song Yuxin was also selected as the top 50 of China’s most beautiful anchor in 2016. She also won the second place in the model contest. She has nearly two million fans and is called “Diamond Barbie” by netizens and media. < / P > < p > through her photos, we can see that she must have worked out for a long time to have such a sexy figure. Even her casual clothes can vaguely see her perfect muscles. < / P > < p > she has a very perfect body proportion, and her congenital conditions are very superior. In addition, her persistent fitness makes her body more graceful and graceful. Especially her extremely sexy peach buttocks, the girl looked to have nosebleed, the boy looked to be more unbearable! How important is self-discipline. Song Yuxin often said a sentence: “whether a woman is beautiful or not, first look at the waist and buttocks.”. Because the waist hip curve can be said to be the dividing line between young girls and aunts. Take a look at Song Yuxin. < / P > < p > in addition to the various pressures of family work and little exercise, there are more and more waist and abdomen fat. The drum winter is just like a pillar, where is there any curve to talk about. < p > < p > I can’t hide my fat and flat bottom when I watch autumn coming. Don’t panic, to know that the face is born, the body can be trained later. < / P > < p > wood has something to do with it. Xiaobian is here to give you Amway a pocket sports artifact. It can also help us better shape our body and lift our hips at home, and have a charming figure with concave and convex shapes! It’s a slimming elastic ring! Moreover, the elastic ring training is flexible and has no noise. It is suitable for combination of various movements. It is used to lift the buttocks and thin the legs. It is also a good hand to eliminate the trapezius muscle. < / P > < p > the five color elastic ring is made of environment-friendly latex material, which does not hurt hands and has no odor, and it feels soft and comfortable. High elastic tension, flexible and wear-resistant, with 3 times tensile elasticity, not easy to fracture and deformation. < / P > < p > if it’s the first time to practice, you can choose 10-15 pounds. If you find that you can’t complete an action for 8-10 times, it means that the elastic band is heavy and the resistance is too large, so you should choose a slightly lighter one. < / P > < p > in recent years, the frequency of elastic rings appearing in gyms and private education Studios is relatively high. It does not need large equipment, only a small tool, which can make the body change dramatically. < / P > < p > you should know that Asian girls are born with less buttocks, and because they are sedentary and do not like to exercise, their hips tend to be flat, and the elastic circle is an effective tool for hip training. Focus