Shen Mengchen is too grounded! The good things shared are cheap and easy to use. I have been planted with three kinds of grass

From the past was often black to today’s light revealed, no one knows how hard she private! In particular, her performance has also changed my impression of her, and many netizens have turned pink! < / P > < p > since I paid close attention to her little red book, I found that she is really a treasure girl. She is very grounded. She often shares her clothes, skin care and make-up. She feels like a little sister next door! < / P > < p > when many girls wear new shoes or high-heeled shoes, their heel is always easy to be worn and bleeding, and the pain is unbearable, resulting in inability to walk. Shen Mengchen presented the self-made compound anti-wear foot cream! < / P > < p > this anti-wear foot paste is small in size, easy to carry, and about the size of a mouth! The method of use is the same as lipstick, which can be rotated out of the paste! < / P > < p > just apply it on the heel before you go out. It will quickly form a protective film on the surface of the skin, effectively prevent the heel from rubbing, and make it easy to walk all day! < / P > < p > all say that “love beauty is the nature of girls”. If you want to have a young and beautiful appearance, you need to take good care of your skin! Therefore, “anti – aging” has become the most popular skin care pronoun! The cream of

cream is the six ingredient peptide added. It also contains glycerin, eucommia bark, etc. it can effectively desalt fine lines, compact skin and make skin more elastic.

‘s official experiments also showed that the apple on the right side coated with honey pear six peptide cream did not oxidize after 2 hours, and the pulp remained fresh. < p > < p > SHEN Mengchen shared the British herb Essences Shampoo that he often used. It mainly contains natural mild ingredients, 0 stimulation, and can keep the hair fluffy and smooth 2-3 days after washing! < p > < p > Lang Lang’s wife Gina has also recommended this shampoo. She also said that after using it, she would not wash her hair for 2 days and would not produce oil, so she could easily create any hair style! Focus