Shocked Hunan a man’s weight soared 40 Jin, become a “Hulk”! The reason is

Experts said that Madelung’s disease is mainly treated by surgery. As the growth trend of fat in patients is in the neck, which is closely related to the structure of the neck, the operation should focus on improving the deformity and dysfunction of the neck, and should not emphasize the thoroughness of the operation to avoid damaging the important nerves and blood vessels of the neck. Chief physician Xu Yishun further explained that the pathogenesis of Madelung’s disease is still unknown, but a large number of medical history analysis shows that 95% of the patients with Madelung disease have a history of drinking for more than 10 years. In addition, most patients with Madelung’s disease are associated with endocrine diseases, such as diabetes, gout, liver disease, etc. “< p > < p >” Mr. Zhang used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, had a drinking history of more than 20 years, drank half a kilogram of home brewed water wine every day, equivalent to 50g alcohol / day, and suffered from alcoholic liver disease, hypertension, etc., all of which may induce the occurrence of diseases. ” Experts said that at present, patients recovered well after surgery, but also need to actively cooperate with medical treatment, develop healthy living habits, quit alcohol, quit smoking, scientific diet and exercise, so as to prevent the growth of adipose tissue, or slow down its growth rate, and prevent the recurrence of the disease. 08/16/2020