Sichuan reduces the burden of primary and secondary school teachers to ensure that inspection and other matters are reduced by half

It is forbidden to transfer and borrow teachers from primary and secondary schools at will. Social affairs will enter the campus and the relevant forms will be greatly simplified The reporter learned from the Education Department of Sichuan Province on the 21st that the province has recently issued a plan to focus on the cleaning up and rectification work, so as to ensure that the supervision, inspection and evaluation of primary and secondary schools and teachers will be reduced by more than 50% on the existing basis. < p > < p > in view of the problems existing before, such as too many campus activities, causing interference to the daily teaching order of the school, Sichuan Province stipulates that the system of checking and identifying campus activities should be strictly implemented. No more than 3 campus activities are arranged at the provincial level and no more than 3 activities at the municipal level or below in each academic year. At the same time, without the consent of the competent department of the school, it is not allowed to organize and carry out the visit, study and investigation activities of various model schools and characteristic schools; in principle, the same school shall not undertake more than two visits, studies and investigation tasks in each academic year. < / P > < p > in the aspect of transferring and borrowing teachers, we should establish the approval and record system for the transferred and borrowed teachers, and prohibit the random transfer and borrowing of primary and secondary school teachers. In principle, the loan term shall not exceed half a year. < / P > < p > in terms of evaluation and assessment, without the approval of the Party committee at or above the county level, it is not allowed to carry out all kinds of supervision, inspection, comparison and assessment activities aimed at primary and secondary schools and teachers.

besides, teachers are not allowed to take part in activities such as WeChat official account and voting activities which have nothing to do with education and teaching. Teachers may not be required to participate in online and offline teacher training and teaching research activities outside the education, human resources and social security departments annual training plan and relevant state regulations. The administrative department of education should integrate internal documents and share data. Schools and teachers should not be required to repeatedly report various data and fill in forms. Sichuan Province requires that party committees and governments at all levels should take reducing the burden of primary and secondary school teachers as an important part of comprehensive education supervision, and seriously hold accountable those who fail to carry out the implementation and implement it properly. Focus