Sina 2020 parenting ceremony officially launched, registration channel hot open!

Face to face, the annual child care feast, leading the new trend of the industry! On December 17, the 2020 parenting ceremony hosted by Sina parenting channel will be held in Beijing. At that time, nearly 1000 guests will come to the scene, including relevant government leaders, parenting experts, star parents, KOL for mothers and infants, and hot online mom. Now we invite you to witness the new chapter of parenting!

2020 is a special year. In the months besieged by the epidemic, early childhood education at home has become the first choice for parents, and there has also been a violent online transformation of parenting methods and maternal and child consumption. Online courses have become the mainstream topic this year. The popularity of intelligent parenting products has not decreased. More and more young family users have realized the comprehensive digital transformation of obtaining information, sharing recommendation, promotion transformation, purchase and payment.

at the same time, the restructuring of the epidemic catalytic industry pattern accelerated, the unstable factors of all parties increased sharply, and opportunities and challenges coexisted. The maternal and infant industry has ushered in the second half of intensive cultivation, competition efficiency and extreme experience. The cross-border popularity of the maternal and infant industry is booming, and live and short video become popular tracks in the new consumption era. Focusing on the upgrading of different consumption scenarios of maternal and infant consumers, data, as the core of connection, is becoming more and more the new competitive power of maternal and infant enterprises.

“do not forget the original intention, do not fear the future”. Since its establishment 21 years ago, Sina parenting has been taking the responsibility of popularizing the authoritative knowledge of maternal and infant early childhood education to the public, promote the positive energy of mother and infant, actively respond to national policies, undertake communication work, and change, develop and progress together with many friends who pay attention to, explore and practice scientific parenting. Follow the original intention of nurturing, treat the future with the idea of craftsman, and expect a better future.

it is reported that the 13th Sina parenting festival includes TEDTalks, theme forums, public welfare awards and other wonderful links. The 2020 maternal and infant KOL Awards List, breastfeeding white paper and 2020 early childhood education industry user consumption white paper will be released.

this year’s children raising ceremony will select outstanding persons and institutions in China’s pregnant and infant industry in 2020. The selection scope will include early childhood education, training, foreign language, online education, mother and child, public welfare and other fields. The final award-winning results will be voted by public netizens, recommended by mother and baby KOL, and jointly decided by Baidu, microblog hot search, microblog big data and expert judges’ opinions. At that time, tens of millions of netizens will witness this glorious moment with us through live video. 08/16/2020